Thursday, July 24, 2008

everyday angels

I know I've said this before, but I wanted to post it anyways.

I love how my friends:

-always call me pumpkin, babe, girl, girly, sparky, etc.
-always tell me nice things about myself
-tell me i'm beautiful (even when I don't feel like I am)
-always comment on my "big red lips"
-always bring the gospel into every conversation
-are so outgoing with everyone
-always say what's on their minds
-make me laugh (sometimes by saying what's on their minds)
-are ALWAYS there for me, no matter what
-write me silly little notes just to let me know they're thinking about me
-tease me when I do or say something stupid (yes, this one happens a lot)
-are able to make fun of themselves
-understand that I'm shy sometimes and make up for the difference
-often know me better than I know myself
-never let me go unnoticed
-make me tell them about my problems (even though sometimes I don't want to at first), and then
-always make my problems seems lighter but never unimportant
-have such strong testimonies of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and
-strengthen my testimony through their awesome, quiet examples

Last Sunday, I was reminded of a concept that I'd heard before but had since forgotten. It was that the Lord sends "ministering angels" into our lives all of the time but almost never in the form of angels as we normally think of them. Usually our ministering angels are sent in the form of normal, everyday people who (knowingly or unknowingly) influence our lives for good.

Every single day, my life is influenced by these angels. I wish I could individually name off what each of my angels does for me each day, but unfortunately...I don't have that much time. But truly, truly...I would not--could not--be where I am today without them. I just hope you all know who you are. You really do touch me every day.

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Cait said...

And I love how my friends include you!! I love you, Sparky. I miss you so, so, so much. You make me "spark a smile" just thinking about all the crazy times we've had (particularly those ones that occur after nine).