Thursday, July 15, 2010

hypothetically speaking

Have you ever tried sleeping in a cave?

Well technically, neither have I. But. If you have ever seen the bunk bed that Katie and I share [yes, my roommate's name is Katie, too], you would most likely have made an observation that went something like this:

"Huh. Wow. Whoever sleeps on the bottom has to sleep in a cave."

That would be me.

And if you have ever slept in a real cave you understand. Unless it was a really big cave and/or had bats in it. Because my bunk bed sports neither of those amenities.

I really don't mind it as much as I thought I would. I do have to make certain accommodations, such as shining a light awkwardly through the wooden slats at the foot of the bed so that I might read at night. But while I joke that I have to get all the way out of the bed to turn over, that isn't actually the case.

Yes, for the most part, I actually enjoy my little submarine-esque bed. It's a little like being six again and being able to sleep in a fort that I made for myself.

Well, just on the off-chance that you ever want to relive your childhood and pretend you live in a fort and/or have impetuously joined the Navy, and decide to buy a bunk bed that more-than-slightly resembles a cave, I caution you:

If your alarm goes off in the morning, DO NOT - I repeat, DO NOT - sit up as fast as you can to turn it off. Because if you are anywhere over 3 feet tall - and statistically speaking, I would surmise that you probably are - you will most likely hit your head on the board above your bed. And that hurts. Really badly. Possibly even a little bit throughout the day.

I mean, not that I've done that or anything.

Just hypothetically speaking, of course.


Cait said...

You have bunk beds now? I haven't slept in a bunk bed since I was around 3 and still sharing a room with my older brother Andrew.

Pip said...

Wonderful :) I am excited for to see you drinking horchatta, and to see the cave room. Sorry it took me so long to read your blogs. I'm impressed by the writing as always. Hope you're doing wonderfully.

katielizabethawkes said...

I need to tell the world that this (hypothetically) happened to you again this morning. I heard the thunk. Yes. Perhaps it's time to dissemble the glorious bunk bed.