Tuesday, March 8, 2011

the best part

A little over a week ago, my grandma passed away.

It wasn't really a surprise - we knew she had cancer and we knew it was fast growing. But the last time I saw her, she was so chipper, so on top of things, so...normal. So even though I heard she was doing badly and that it was only a matter of time, I heard it from a distance. I wasn't there to witness it. So for me, it was still a surprise.

The stories surrounding her death are so sweet. I wasn't there for them, but hearing about them makes me cry a little.

About a week before she passed away, she couldn't walk at all. Then she couldn't talk. Or at least not very well. A few mumbled words here and there. So it was a surprise for the caregivers when they found that somehow she had crawled out of her bed and over into my grandpa's, where she cuddled with him for several minutes without anyone knowing.

The night before she died, my dad gave her a priesthood blessing. My grandpa has a very short memory these days, so just a few short minutes later, he forgot that she had already been given a priesthood blessing. They found him in his wheelchair in my grandma's room attempting to give her another blessing but not quite able to reach her head. I'm sure it counted anyway.

Later that same night, my grandpa held my grandma's arm and said, "See you on the other side, Renie." She passed away early the next morning.

I went up to visit the day that she died. I spent some time looking through an old journal my grandma had kept. It was full of letters and other momentos, and I ran across an old letter from my grandpa. At the very end, it said, "I loved you then and I love you even more now. All my love, Wells."

The best part about their love story is that it doesn't have to end. I know they'll see each other again. And that gives me more comfort than anything.

My heart aches for her in a way that I didn't know it could or would. I'm gonna miss the most creative, most organized, most artistic, most generous grandma anyone could ever have.

See you on the other side, Grandma.


Alexis Kaye said...

awh that's so sweet! It made me tear up a little.

Cait said...

First off, TJ and I both loved your grandmother very much. She was hilarious and so full of life. I am sorry to hear of her passing from this life.

On that note, it was wonderful to read those stories. Maybe it's because I am getting sealed to my best (guy friend, don't worry, you're still my best friend that's a girl) friend in 11 days, but I was struck by how grateful I am that we can be together forever as families as I read them. I hope TJ and my marriage will be as loving as the wonderful example your grandparents set for us.

Love you!

Brady & Alexes Brown said...

love this... totally made me cry