Monday, July 2, 2012

the nursery victory

Every Sunday, Tim and I spend two hours in the nursery at church.  And if you're not familiar with that term, let me enlighten you: basically, we take care of approximately eight 2-3 year-olds.  And by "take care of," I mean we run around with, play games with, and eat with them.

It's actually pretty awesome.  I'm not sure why it isn't considered more desirable.

Though perhaps unusual, Tim is especially good with the little goobers.  Like, puts me to shame more often than I care to admit.  Our regulars have become quite attached to Tim.  But mostly, they've become attached to his teasing antics.

For example, during snack time, Tim has established a routine of pretending to take each of the kids' food.  He walks around to each of their plates saying things like, "Hmm...maybe I should take some of Brooklyn's food today!"  And then they all yell out in unison, "Nooo!" and start giggling simultaneously.

This last week, however, we had an especially sensitive little girl who was visiting from another ward.  She watched him uncertainly as he made the rounds at the table, pretending to take each child's food.  As soon as he reached her and said the usually-magic words, "Maybe I'll take some of Rylee's food today!" she burst spontaneously into tears.

Everything - and I do mean everything - Tim said to her made her burst into tears.  Even if he said something like, "Do you want some more cheetos?" she would look at him like he'd just killed her puppy or popped her favorite balloon.

The somewhat redeeming part about all of this is that she actually liked me.  It took some time, of course, but after the first hour, I'd somehow won her over.

I knew I liked nursery.


Jamie Mo said...

I love this. Paul and I were in the nursery in our last ward and we miss it so much. We had one little boy who loved Paul so much that when other kids came and took Paul's attention away from him, he would get so jealous. P.S. I think Tim and Paul would get along well.

Our Little Fam said...

Haha, nursery is so fun! The kids are so entertaining. That is too funny about the little girl!

Christine said...

hahaha, so cute! I have a 3 year old, so I hear ya loud and clear! I do love this age though :)

Siri Natalia said...

Ok this just cracks me up. I have been substitute in nursery for the last month and it is certainly an adventure. :)