Wednesday, January 30, 2013

the low point

Crying because I couldn't get the truck out of the icy, steep driveway was a low point.

No, no.  I take that back.

Having our car break down - right after we just got the truck fixed - and having Tim stranded in the cold was the low point.

Being a grown-up is hard.  And expensive.  And being a grown-up in Utah in the winter is hard, and expensive, and cold.

Even after Tim called me to tell me that our car had just broken down on his way home from work, I just laughed a little bit inside.  Like, Oh, of course, that would happen right now.  And when I had to leave the beautiful dinner I'd just made in the oven to go pick him up, I just smiled and shook my head.  But when I tried multiple times to get the truck out of the driveway and thought it was going to fishtail backwards into a snowbank...well, that was the point when I lost it.

But you know what?  When Tim finally got home three hours later, his perpetually optimistic attitude reminded me how much we'd actually been blessed through all of this.  Like the fact that we had just gotten the truck fixed so we could at least have one working car.  Or the fact that even though finances are tight, we are blessed enough to be able to handle this.  Or the fact that my aunt got us AAA for Christmas so we could have the car towed to the mechanic.  Or the fact that some people from our church [that we barely know] were willing - and even eager - to give Tim a ride home since I couldn't.

And then that ever-smiling husband of mine showed me this video - that I'd seen before, mind you - and I cried the entire way through it.

I know that comparatively speaking, this particular trial might seem kind of trivial.  And maybe it was.  Maybe part of the problem was my pregnancy hormones.  But last night - to me - it seemed like a big deal.  And even if it was trivial and at least partially the result of pregnancy hormones, after we watched that video, I really felt like if it was a big deal to me, then it was a big deal to God.  And that He cared enough to help us.

And even if He doesn't always take away the trials, He provides a way for us to get through them.  Always.

Just like He did for us last night, and just as He always will.


katilda said...

Booo to this series of unfortunate events! But YES to that video, it is one of my most favorites. The words about "don't you quit, you keep walking" pop into my head all the time on tough days. Don't let the utah cold add to the problems and get you down! Make more ice cream out of snow.

Jamie Mo said...

I love this post Katie. I have been feeling a lot like this lately--minus the pregnancy hormones. And it's good to know that we have a loving Heavenly Father who won't leave us alone in our times of need or anytime else. P.S. I totally understand driving in the snow and peeling out in the driveway. Scary stuff! I miss the Arizona sun everyday!

Marlen said...

aw that's amazing your neighbors were willing and happy to drive tim! and lord does that sound stressful- i'd be freaking out too. but at least you're keeping your chin up and looking at the positive. i know that could be hard :/

xo Marlen
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Our Little Fam said...

On man, the snow here can be awful sometimes. I am so glad that you are both safe. I loved reading because you have an awesome attitude. Glad you have kind neighbors. xo

Chelsea said...

You are seriously amazing, girl. I don't know if I would have had such a good attitude about a situation like this. You are a great example to me! I love that video, too.

On a semi-related note: SO GLAD that friggin' groundhog saw his shadow today. I am so over this crazy Utah winter. Bring it on, spring!