Tuesday, February 19, 2013

reasons i love being married

Oh man, I love being married.

I love being married for a million reasons.  Plus another trillion.  It is by far the best thing that has ever happened to me.  Or perhaps I should clarify: Tim is the best thing that has ever happened to me.  And everything has just gotten better since we decided to get married.

One of the reasons I love being married is getting to go on dates with my best friend.  Like I mentioned, Tim and I made it our personal quest in life to find authentic Mexican food in Utah, and when Valentine's Day rolled around, we knew we couldn't pass up another opportunity.

We decided to try out Javier's in Ogden.

But we actually liked this side of the sign better:

I realize that our exposure to the Spanish language is rather limited, but I feel relatively confident in my assertion that "specilas" is not a Spanish word.  Or an English one, for that matter.

We actually weren't super impressed with the food, but we did get to meet Javier, and that was pretty cool.  It was a little like meeting a celebrity.  As much as you can in Ogden, anyway.  

But our favorite part of the whole experience was when I was attempting to ask our waitress's opinion about whether she liked the tacos or the chimichangas better, and she just gave me a confused look and said, "No."  I tried to restate my question, after which I got the same answer: "No," this time with a vehement shake of the head.  Not having any idea why I was being faced with so much negativity where my beloved Mexican food was concerned, I quickly ordered the tacos and left it at that.  

After she left our table, I turned to look at Tim, who was unsuccessfully attempting to stifle a laugh.  Apparently our waitress had thought I was asking if I could order the tacos and the chimichangas together, which is where the confusion had set in.  Cue night-long giggle fest.  I had hoped that this touch of authenticity [i.e., our waitress not speaking English] would bode better for our food, but alas.

When we got home, we dipped strawberries in chocolate [in our fancy plastic china] and watched Once Upon a Time.

It was perfect.  And perfectly romantic.

Not to mention the flowers and the cookies Tim surprised me with:

That man gets me.

Another reason why I love being married is the fact that I went from having zero sisters to having eight sisters.  Kind of a big difference.  I always wanted sisters growing up, and I finally got my wish.

My sister-in-law Ali decided that she wanted to give me a pedicure before baby Ellie is born.  I feel completely confident that if there were a "Sweetest Person on the Planet" award, it would go to her.  Seriously.  Who thinks of something like that?  Yesterday she scrubbed my feet with a sugar scrub, put lotion on them, gave me an incredible foot-rub, and then painted my toenails.  On her day off.

I almost died of happiness.  If there's one form of pampering that I love, it's a good foot-rub.

Like I said, there are about a trillion reasons left about why I love being married.  I would say a good 83% of those reasons are extremely mushy, and if I listed all of them, some of you might start throwing tomatoes at me through cyberspace.  But let me leave you with just one more.

This picture was taken at 39 weeks and 3 days.  Which means that our baby is due this Friday.  And she is one of the many reasons why I am so thankful to be married.

If she only knew how lucky she is to have a dad who is already so completely devoted to her.  

And to her mother.

Here's to marriage!


Melissa Whitmer said...

I agree that Ali would get the sweetest person in the world award. I love your blog!

katilda said...

"eez just soup, man"

karajean said...

This Friday! I declare that you not only can spend TODAY doing nothing but watching TV, but you can do that every day until the baby is born. And then for all the days after that until you no longer feel like you are going to fall asleep at any second.

I also am so sorry about your lack of good Mexican food. (Scott and I would die.) Although, I think your mistake was in ordering the tacos. You can never go wrong with a chimichanga.

mcarrasco said...

AHHH Im so excited for you little girl to come! Then you can give me an honest opinion about labor haha. And I want to borrow your sis in law. I would do almost anything for a good foot rub right now, after spending all day moving yesterday. love and miss you mama!

Camille said...

So glad you continue to have fun an date, no matter where you live or what size that place is!

Jamie Mo said...

I totally agree about the sister comment. I went from zero to five and it's so fun!

Siri Natalia said...

Katie, you look so great! :) Looks like you had a fun love day! Aren't we lucky to have wonderful husbands?