Monday, April 29, 2013

"birthday" pictures

A few short hours before the end of Ellie's one month birthday, I decided that I was going to take pictures each month to document how much she was changing.  Official birthday pictures, that is.  Because, naturally, I take way more pictures than is probably necessary on a daily basis.  But I decided that "official" monthly pictures would also be necessary.  Because, you know...that's just how this sometimes-irrational mom thing works.

Quite obviously, I am not a professional photographer.  And I do not have a professional camera.  In fact, my camera is called the Kodak EasyShare if that gives you any indication of just how amateur I really am.  But let's just take a second and pretend, shall we?  After all, when you have such a photogenic subject...

I never posted her one month pictures, so here they are:

And here are her two month pictures:

I realized after I was done taking pictures that the bow was in the middle of her forehead.  I guess I was too preoccupied by the gigantic smile on her face to notice.

She smiled at me for the first time on March 21st, but after that, she would only smile occasionally.  Now she smiles all the time.  And she "talks" to us all the time.  Which means my heart feels like it's shooting sunbeams all the time.  It never gets old.

We have her two month appointment this week and I think I am going to feel worse than she will after the shots are finished.  I used to think moms were so silly for saying that kind of thing, but now I totally get it.  I am already getting anxiety about the whole ordeal.  My plan for after they are finished is just to rock her the entire day.

On an unrelated note, the weather is finally warming up here.  It's in the 70s, my friends.  Which means that this Arizona girl is finally starting to feel more at home.

More details on the house and some thoughts on motherhood to come later!


katilda said...

She's sooooo cute. I can't handle it. Her expressions are priceless. Also, I'm proud of your photography. My photos are all taken with...wait for it...a cell phone. Team easy share!

mcarrasco said...

I cannot believe how much she grew in just a month! She is so cute, and sooooo photogenic haha

Shanley said...

I totally wish I would have done this. They grow way too fast! Ellie is just adorable :)