Monday, September 23, 2013

that time we took profesh family photos

On August 3rd, just two days before our two year anniversary, we got our family pictures taken by Ashtyn Nicole Photography.  Ashtyn took our engagement and our wedding photos, and I just love all of her work.  She normally lives down in Arizona [AZ friends take note!], but when I saw that she'd be in Utah for the summer, I knew I had to take the opportunity.

We met up in Ogden that lovely afternoon, Ashtyn jumped in our car, and we all drove up Ogden Canyon.  None of us had ever been there before, but we figured that since all the canyons in Utah are gorgeous, it wouldn't be too hard to find somewhere perfect.  And we were right.  In fact, we found two perfect somewheres.

Just like before, Ashtyn was so good at putting us at ease and taking all the awkwardness out of feeling like we were briefly famous enough to be followed around by the paparazzi for an hour.  And Ellie - our little stranger-shy child - actually really liked Ashtyn and was fascinated by the clicks of her camera.

Ashtyn sent us a cd with almost 200 gorgeous pictures.  I wish I could show you all of them.  But let me give you a sampling.

See those adorable shoes?  They were mine when I was a wee babe, and I thought they would be the perfect addition to the shoot.  But they kept falling off.  So if you see them in some of the pictures and not others...just use your imagination.

What I love most about these pictures is how happy we look.

Because we really are that happy.


Ali Mills said...

LOVE these!! I can't wait to take our family pictures again, Rory's growing so fast!!

Also, Ellie is gorgeous!! y'all did good ;)

Mikaela D said...

These are beautiful! I live in AZ and I might have to check her out. You all really do look so happy... And you sure can't fake that kind of happiness. Perfection. :)

I'll Love You Forever said...

IN LOVE!! Love these pictures. Beautiful family! xo