Tuesday, June 10, 2014

bear lake

People have been telling us to go to Bear Lake ever since we moved here.  It's kind of a local legend.  Turquoise water, sandy beaches, and raspberry shakes were mentioned to us numerous times before we finally decided to go.

And now I'm just wondering why we waited so long.

The first time we went, just a few weeks ago now, we weren't entirely sure what to expect.  Would the water be cold?  Do people swim in the water, anyway?  Should we bring our swimming suits?  Just how good are those raspberry shakes?

And as it turns out, the water wasn't that cold, people do swim in the water, we should have brought our swimming suits, and those raspberry shakes are the best thing this side of the Mississippi.  And possibly the other side, too.  One never knows.

Because Tim had just dislocated his knee again, we really only made it as far as this puddle.  I promise the rest of the lake looks much more inviting, but in truth, Ellie could have cared less which part of the lake she waded in.  She just cared about being in the sun, digging in the dirt, and splashing delicately in the "wah-wah."

Of all the beautiful turquoise water to choose from, we sat down next to this brown puddle.  Lovely.

Ha!  Love her sagging, wet diaper.

Totally looks like I'm posing for this shot, right?  Really I was just digging in the dirt with my foot.  Much less glamorous.

The next time we went, just a couple of weeks later, we joined Tim's brother Jeremy and his family.  This time, we actually brought our swimming suits.  Regular boy scouts, we are.

"Why are you still taking pictures of me?" 

"Bud, you're supposed to dig with the shovel, not eat it.

"You mean I put the dirt in there?
"Mom, are you sure he's my cousin?"

Let's make a pact right now that we won't judge each other about farmer tans.  Sound good?  Good.

The brothers and their babes:

Raspberry shake and a chubby baby finger.  New favorite picture.

 We've already decided we're going at least once a month while the weather is still good.  My mouth is already watering for those shakes!

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