Wednesday, June 10, 2015

my 26th birthday

For my 26th birthday, I wanted to go to Chipotle.  (Are we surprised?  Really?)

The trip down was rough, because (spoiler alert, if you're not FB friends with me) I was in the early stages of morning sickness.  Those first few weeks were kinder than the few that followed, however, because eating pretty much solved all of my issues in those days.  (It doesn't now.)  (Thank goodness for doctors and prescriptions.)  The forty minute drive to Chipotle meant that I'd gone too long without eating, which meant that by the time we got there, I was either going to hurl or feel instantly better once I got food in my stomach.

Mercifully, it was the latter.

(I really wanted that burrito bowl.)

See how happy this food makes me?  Do you see?

And I got to eat with my two favorite people on the planet.  It was basically the best day ever.

After we got through eating, I didn't quite want to head home yet, so we stopped by a local park.

 (I know, I know.  Picture overload.)  (Sorry not sorry.)

By some strange twist of fate, none of the parks where we live have swings, which made this park particularly special.  Ellie could not get enough.  Seeing her happy was pretty much the best birthday present ever.

That night, we ate angel food cake (one of my faves).

 Tim made me take a picture of the cake (with the ghetto birthday candle) "for the blog."  That man gets me.

The night concluded with making Ellie a blanket fort (her #1 favorite activity) and letting her watch movies on the tablet.

I love my little family more than I can adequately describe, and I just couldn't be happier with where my life is now.

Here's to another great year!

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