Sunday, September 27, 2015

sparks fam visits 2015

My family visited at the end of May, and somehow I managed to take a grand total of two pictures.  We went out to eat (a couple of times), went on a day trip, and did all manner of fun things, and I have two pictures to show for it.

How?  HOW?

Alas, it was kind of a historic trip in my family, since, firstly, it was the first time my brother Eric had been up to Utah to visit us.  (My dad and brother, Jeff, came, too, but they'd already been here.  So.  Not historic.)  And secondly, it was the first time my aunt Ginny, grandma Joyce, and uncle Paul had been up to Utah to visit us...or anybody else in Utah for that matter...for about 15 years.  Which is kind of a big deal, since my grandma grew up here and has relatives up the wazoo living in the area.

It was kind of a special trip for my family.

(And I only have two pictures.)  (But I'm not bitter.)

We managed to squish everyone into our house for a few days, and somehow I always feel like being squished in with everyone only enhances the experience.  It's magical to spend so much time with family, am I right?

We ate out at Maddox...twice...and went on a short shopping trip to two of my favorite places to buy candy: Idle Isle (yummy gourmet candy) and Smith & Edwards (yummy penny candy).  One of the days, we also made a day trip to Cache Valley.  The first stop was to a yummy donut (er...spudnut) shop.

They're partially made with potatoes...or something.  I think.  But regardless, they were really good donuts.  Like maybe the best we've had in Utah.

Then we drove over to Clarkston, which is where my grandma grew up.  We visited the cemetery, and I think we're related to like 82.3% of the people buried there.  Or something like that.  I'm not sure.  But it's a lot.

It's a beautiful place.

It was amazing to be able to have those experiences with my family.  Hopefully it was just the first of many future experiences!

Thanks for coming, guys.  You made Utah 2000% better just by being here.

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