Sunday, October 25, 2015

fourth anniversary

For our fourth anniversary, we decided to go out to eat at Olive Garden.  Somehow, the only pictures we took were "bump" pictures.  Dang you, pregnancy brain!

(26 weeks)

We took Ellie with us (obviously), mostly because somehow we just spend the whole time missing her when we don't.  We do go on real dates occasionally, I promise!

It was an amazing dinner with even better company.

After the dinner, we went shopping at Bed, Bath, & Beyond "just to look" and just happened to find a new comforter that was like 60% off!  Win-win.

I love how much I still love being with him.  I absolutely mean it when I say I could spend every minute of every day with him and still not get bored.  We have so much fun together!  It was a low-key anniversary, and we kinda loved it that way!

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