Thursday, December 17, 2015

the week of thanksgiving

The week of Thanksgiving was also my first week on my own with two kiddos.  It was honestly 100% better than I was expecting it to be.  It helps that Brett is the most mellow baby I've ever been around.  He is sweet and calm and basically just a dream baby.  As long as he has been well-fed and gotten enough sleep, he is happy.

Our mornings cuddling together have been a fairy tale.  My biggest problem has been dissuading Ellie from cuddling Brett too much, and I'd say that's a pretty good problem to have.  She loves him so much.

This next picture is how Brett spent an entire hour while Ellie and I colored together one afternoon:

(The poor little guy is having trouble escaping his big sister's girly hand-me-downs.)

It snowed early on Thanksgiving morning, which naturally meant that Tim and Ellie just had to go out and play in it.  (I stayed nice and cozy snuggling Brett inside.)

Ellie wasn't a fan of the snow in years past, but this year, she can't get enough of it.  She would spend all day out there if she could.

This was our very first Thanksgiving with just our immediate family.  We really missed our families, and probably wouldn't have stayed home if there had been another way.  But alas, we are paranoid when it comes to taking him out around people.  (Even still.)  (Thanks, Pediatrician.)  Even though it wasn't our first choice, it turned out to be a really special experience with just the four of us.

I'm not entirely sure why this picture showed up before our dinner picture, but we did put up our Christmas tree after Thanksgiving dinner this year.  Ellie was beyond excited to help this year, and she was surprisingly helpful at putting ornaments on the tree.  I was impressed.  It was so fun!

And, because apparently Blogger is feeling random today, here is a picture of Ellie and I getting out the Nativity Set (on an entirely different day):

Ah, yes.  Finally.  Our Thanksgiving feast.  Not bad for just the four (three) of us, right?

As an added bonus, here are some pictures of our cute little boy:

Here he is, contemplating the mysteries of the universe.

And here he is...just taking a nap.

Because I am bad at making decision, here are three different pictures of him after a bath:

And one during, because Blogger is just confused like that today.

This next picture best explains my answer to Tim's question during Thanksgiving dinner about what we were most thankful for:

Including Tim, of course.  Because I kind of like him, too. :)

Yep, they are exactly what Thanksgiving is all about.

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