Tuesday, September 15, 2009

yep. i do this a lot.


I have two classes in the same building an hour and a half apart from each other. They are on different floors, but the floorplan on each floor is exactly the same.

Story (for which the Background info. is needed):

So the other day, I walked into one of my classes, and saw a bunch of kids I didn't recognize. This is actually not uncommon for me since I sit in the back and don't normally pay very much attention to the other kids in the class except for those that sit in my direct vicinity. Then a girl that I recognized from one of the past semesters called out to me, "Hey, Katie! Have you been in this class the whole time?!"

I looked around, now uncertain of my surroundings. "Uhh...is this Abnormal Child Psych?"

She gave me a look that suggested she was about to laugh. I knew the answer already. "Haha no," she replied.

"Okay...bye," I said. Then I turned around and walked out.

Explanation (for the Story):

Yep, that's right. I went to the location on the first floor where my class is on the third floor.

Confused? So was I.

Thanks for listening.


Madison said...

It's ok.. I did that once, except the room I ended up at was a closet...I went to the wrong science building. And it was so funny cuz it was the first day of class, and Abby and I were both in that class and made the same mistake at the exact same time, so we got to walk to our real class and be late together :)

Cait the Great said...

I had trouble finding the MARB on my first day of school. I was looking for a building named after a man named Marb. Turns out it's the MARtin Building...MARB...oh yeah.

Addison Ricks said...

ohhh katie i miss you so much! your so funny. that made me happy in a strange way...like it made me lol. oh you...doing that thing you do :)