Thursday, February 11, 2010


Remember this post?

I didn't think so. Well now that you've read it again [ahem], you understand.

I am not the typical Mormon girl. I try to be, but when it comes to cute and creative, somehow I just always come up short.
One can only hope that for all my weaknesses, I have a few hidden strengths, right? ... I'll take your silence as assent.

Let's take photographers for example. Have you noticed how many awesome photoblogs there are these days? Goodness gracious. Amazing. I am always reminded of how un-artsy and un-creative I am when looking through those pictures. Seriously, they are so creative. I love looking at people's photography. It's one of my favorite past-times. Eye candy, people.

Online scrapbooking. Yet another awesome example. Heck, I can't even scrapbook with real paper, let alone paper in cyberspace! I am always amazed at what people can do with pictures, colors, and seemingly random words that when put together actually convey some sort of meaning.
No, not sentences. You know what I mean. Words like: Love, I do, Prince Charming, etc. placed strategically on a page.

Food blogs. Again I am reminded how amazing their food looks and how normal my food looks.
Okay, maybe normal is an exaggeration in my favor. Not only does their food taste amazing, but it looks as good as it tastes! People are so talented!

Moral of the Story:

I am so grateful that people create so many incredible things that are so fun for me to look at. Thank you!

...At least I can appreciate it, right? ;)


Cait the Great said...

You are creative. I seem to recall a certain married someone's scrapbook project. Also, there's online scrap booking? What? Since when?

shirley elizabeth said...

Ha! I went and read the post you linked to, and commented on it, and came back to read this and find that you wrote about what I commented. Nice one Shirley.

Jana said...

Your blog always makes me laugh. I love reading it, and you have so many more pictures on yours than I do on mine. And the only people I know with food blogs are professionals! Hang in there and know that your blog is loved!