Thursday, January 28, 2010

everyday boredom

You are sitting in class after having already sat through two long classes today.

You check the time on your cell phone. 12:17.

Vaguely you hear the teacher's voice as you stare out the second story windows at the students walking by.

Man they look happy, you think to yourself. And the weather looks beautiful! I've never seen the sky so blue. I wish I could be out there. Hmm I wonder what homework I have tonight...

This snaps you back into reality, and you become aware that the teacher is still talking. Not really knowing what the teacher is talking about anymore, you write down a few phrases, hoping that it will mean something to you when you read it tonight.

You check your watch again. Still 12:17! What the... Oh good, it changed to 12:18. Only 12 more minutes. I can do this.

Finally, the class lets out, and you stuff your notebook in your backpack, throw on your jacket, and speed-walk out the door, down the hall, and out into the fresh air. You're free!

It's then that you don't have to be anywhere for another three hours. Why were you in such a hurry anyway?

Story of my life.

And you know exactly what I'm talking about.


Cait the Great said...

ironically, I read this (and commented on it) during my least favorite (and longest) class. I love you, Sparky. I have so much to tell you. I'll send you an email soon. I'm too emotionally drained and angry to send it tonight. (Not to mention, incredibly busy with school work)

Jana said...

Yeah, today was not the best school day, but at least you got the inspiration to curl my hair. See, good things do come out of boredom!

Pip said...

It's funny how class shows just about everyone exactly where they don't want to be - you'd think it would have the opposite effect

Rebecca Elizabeth said...

bahaha, there were so many school days when I felt the exact same way! Hopefully the class is getting to be a little more interesting! :) Keep smiling, you're amazing!!