Friday, May 14, 2010


A few days ago we had the convocation ceremony for the engineering school. Because I was a staff member and not a student, this gave me certain privileges. Let's review:

1. I got to go where I wanted, when I wanted.
2. I got to tell people what to do and where to go.
3. I got to wear a headset. (Freaking awesome. Love this. It made me feel important. Or maybe like a kid again. I can't decide.)

And most importantly...

4. I got to eat the food.

When we got to the arena, my eyes first caught hold of the food table - before anything else. My senses for such things are acute. Even if I were blindfolded, I would probably still know where to find the food table. More specifically, I would probably still know where to find the free food table. Immediately I grabbed a brownie, knowing from experience that if I didn't act quickly, I would be out of luck. (Faculty can be so greedy sometimes.)

Later, after the ceremony had started, my coworker brought me three more brownies, which I am ashamed to admit I promptly ate. [My excuse: No time for dinner.] A few minutes later, another coworker offered to bring me some brownies. This time, I refused, much to the shock of everyone around me. I had decided enough was enough. Although I like brownies, I wasn't excited at the prospect of possibly turning into one.

You see, I have this reputation at work. Everyone knows I like food. Free food. And often, junk food. Everyone brings me food. All the time.

Occasionally, I think about changing this reputation, since I'm certain it's probably not the most flattering reputation to have.

But let's get real, people.

I really like food.


Cait the Great said...

I love food! And you! And eating food with you! Let's do that last one soon, okay? Bye!

Jeff said...

Yum. I would have no problem with having that reputation. Let's be real. Free food? Offered by other people? That would be the life.

Jesse said...

Being in college gives you a completely new appreciation for just how awesome food is. I was actually able to CHOOSE the other day what I wanted to eat from among several different kinds of food, since I'd just been to the grocery store for the first time in weeks, and it blew my mind.

It's also become my policy to never turn down an opportunity for free food. I can see how a reputation can kind of develop around that.

The Fenn's said...

There is a fat kid inside all of us...I know exactly how you feel! And the free food...that has always been a rule of mine-never pass up FREE food!

katielizabethawkes said...

I see no reason to change anything about yourself. You gotta live it up while you can, my friend....just in case (gasp!) of those days when there's only Pepsi and no DP. Let's not even talk about a lack of Pibb. Sigh.
p.s. I'll make you healthy brownies when you're my roommate. You think i'm kidding.
p.p.s. the code word for this comment is "peril." Coincidence? Omen?