Thursday, May 26, 2011

at least to me

I love reading other people's blogs.

Like seriously....LOVE it.

It's not because I'm a creeper [at least...I don't think I am...but I guess most people who are creepers don't actually think they are...].  It's simply because I love reading about thoughts, ideas, feelings, and everyday life.

Yep, that's right.  Everyday life.

People tell me constantly that their lives are boring.  The same all the time.  Uninteresting.

But what seems everyday to them is fascinating to me.

Even in real life, I love listening to people.  Listening to their stories.  Hearing about their days.  Learning about their feelings and thoughts.  Because it's just fascinating.

You are fascinating.  You are interesting.  You are worthwhile.  Your life is worthwhile.

To me, at least.  And to one other very important Being that comes immediately to mind.

I know sometimes in my own life I overlook the small things that [should, at least] bring a smile to my face.  It could be something as simple as the sun shining a little brighter [or rain, if that's your thing], getting a Dr. Pepper [or other beverage if Dr. Pepper just isn't your wait, that can't be right], someone smiling at you, or getting up on time in the morning [this one's a struggle for me].

Because really, sometimes it is the simple things that make our lives worthwhile.  And interesting.  And fascinating.  And often times, inspiring.

I am inspired by those who find the simple joys in life and recognize them.

And I am grateful for those who write about them for me to read and be inspired by.

I'm not saying you should start a blog if that's not your thing, but just know that no matter what I love hearing about your life.  Because you are interesting.  And fascinating.  And inspiring.

At least to me.

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karajean said...

I have the most difficult time explaining why I read blogs to my hubby and my brother. They don't get it. But I love the way you describe it. Other people's lives ARE interesting!