Monday, August 29, 2011

fire of the covenant

Still coming: Blogs about our wedding and honeymoon.  Aaaand the Open House we just had this weekend in Yuma.  [But they're obviously not coming today.  Sorry.  Soon.]

Yesterday on our drive home from Yuma, Tim and I had some really good conversations.  [The joys of being married to your best friend.]  We also listened to "Fire of the Covenant" on tape, which is about the Martin and Willie handcart companies.  [In case that link doesn't work or in case you just feel too lazy to read about it, it's a historical fiction novel about people who traveled across the United States pulling handcarts.  Talk about dedication.]

The conversations and the book combined lead me to some conclusions:

1.  I am very, very blessed.

2.  I take my blessings for granted almost every day.

3.  I need to work on being more grateful.

4.  Tim is a better person than I am.  [He didn't even pay me to write that.  I only write the truth.]

5.  We have a loving Heavenly Father who cares very much about us and our lives.  [I already knew that, but it was reiterated to my heart yesterday.  And in that same reiterating moment, I concluded that living His way is always the right way.]

I highly recommend reading [or listening to] that book.  Or, if you're not into the whole fiction side of "historical fiction," you can read solely the historical accounts of those faithful pioneers.  Because, plainly put, they're worth reading about.  And emulating.

And goodness knows we all need good examples.

The title "Fire of the Covenant" is explained early on in the novel.  Essentially, it is referring to the "fire" in their souls which motivated the saints to make that arduous journey across the plains.  The "fire" which came from their dedication to the covenants they had made with Heavenly Father.

That concept of having a motivation stronger than even your own life because of promises made to a loving Heavenly Father touched me deeply.

And I hope to live and change in such a way that I, too, can have a motivation strong enough that nothing will stand in the way of the promises I have made to Him.

That I can have the "Fire of the Covenant."


katielizabethawkes said...

i really loved this. i need to listen to /read those.

p.s. my verification word is "phshonha"....we need to make up a definition and use this.

Siri Natalia said...

The title of this post totally describes the way I feel about my marriage with Lance and the promises we made to Heavenly Father! Awesome!

Emma Frances said...

Sounds like a great book. And it sounds like you had good times with your hubby this weekend. :] YAY! I can't wait to see more pictures of your wedding and your reception and open house!

Chelsea said...

You are such a beautiful writer. I love how happy your posts are.

AND. I'm SUPER excited to read about your wedding. Wedding posts are my favorite.

Kaycie- Redhead Memories said...

No way! First of all, I LOVE that book. Second of all, my great great great grandpa was in that company and is mentioned in the book. Jens Nielson :) fun, huh?

Nikki L. said...

There is a book that I read in High School and once again since called "Redeeming Love" by Francine Rivers. It is the Biblical book of Hosea reset in the 1800s gold rush. It is the fastest 400ish page book you will ever read. (Like 2-3 days is a possibility.) (And you will cry, but it is sooo good at reminding us of God's love! So, I say, Read It!