Wednesday, August 17, 2011

tabby tab tabs

Check out my new tabs, yo!

I did some updating.  You know, some primping here and there.

And if you're wondering at all why my blog's name is "Sparky," you might wanna check out the "About" tab.

You'll leave feeling exceptionally enlightened, I have no doubt.

I will post more pictures from the wedding [sometime in the near future], and when I do, I'll write about all the details.

But until then, you'll just have to wait with bated breath.

And now for your viewing pleasure [or just for my own amusement]:

Our model shot.  Which makes me giggle a little inside, but I like it nonetheless.

Ok.  Ok bye.


katielizabethawkes said...

...what in heaven's name is a firedog? and.....can i adopt one?

Katie said...

hahaha. you know. those iconic dalmations that supposedly help firemen? no?

Gentri said...

LOVE the picture! :D I'm off to check out your tabs since I had wondered where you came up with the name.