Tuesday, April 10, 2012

easter fun

Right before Easter, Tim and I went to the Mesa Temple Easter Pageant.

As we were walking to our seats, we saw a girl that Tim grew up with.  She was with her husband and her baby.  After the initial pleasantries, the following exchange took place about her baby:

Me: Oh how old is he?
Tim's friend: She is 10 months.
Me: Oh haha sorry, bald babies, you know...

I then looked down to see that "he" was wearing a dress with little purple flowers all over it.

I sure know how to make a good impression on the right people, let me tell you.

In other news, we decorated some eggs for Easter with Tim's sister, Melissa:

Marriage has really helped us to mature, as you can see:

If you look carefully, you will see that one of the eggs says "your mom," thanks to Tim.

And this egg was my pride and joy:

My endless wit astounds even me.

Special Mention: We also spent some time with Tim's sister, Brigette, and her family [even though we weren't invited...Brigette].  Brigette's daughter, Chloee, made the pageant even more exciting with her insightful commentary about chickens, donkeys, and death.


Fran said...

Haha I'm always really careful to say something like "how old is your baby?" ya know - gender neutral when I don't know for sure because I am SO bad at doing that haha

The Muse said...

Paige didn't have hair 'til she was two... at which point my mom finally had her ears pierced and dressed her in pink dresses... yet people still thought she was a boy! haha!

PS. The Your Mom egg is the best. egg, ever. Haha! We've got to meet your man soon!

Karm said...

haha those eggs look interesting.