Thursday, November 8, 2012

keep calm and carry on

Important Announcement: I just hit the top of my head really hard on the bottom of our armoire.  And then I just sat for a few seconds in confused silence.

I just felt you all should know.

Moving on.

I guess it's been a few days since I updated y'all, because I just looked through the pictures on our camera and found a few treasures that I definitely hadn't posted on the blog yet.  And we all know that pictures are the only way to document anything truly important in life.

Like that wig.

I had been really wanting to dress up for Halloween, but since Tim worked until late that day I didn't really feel like I had a good excuse.  I didn't really want to go to a party by myself, and while sitting on your own couch in your own home alone fully dressed in costume might be considered socially acceptable by some, I wasn't sure if my [questionable] self-respect would allow it.

But when I heard about Chipotle's $2 deal for dressing in costume, I knew I finally had an excuse.  I stole Tim away at lunchtime and we had a romantically hippie lunch together over tacos.  [Let's just forget the fact that these costumes were originally from a church dance that we went to when we started dating in October 2010, because he really shouldn't need an excuse to wear that wig.  Am I right?]

 This last weekend, I had my first opportunity to go to "Time Out for Women" in Phoenix.  Tim's mom and sister invited me, and I, in turn, invited my mom.  A few times, I looked over to see my mom rolling her eyes [she doesn't really handle cheesiness or large gatherings of weepy women well], but overall we all really enjoyed the conference.

In my head, I mentally noted how many women were walking around pregnant, and was almost surprised to realize that I was one of them.  Mormons.

Oh and that?  That's my friend Ali.  Ali and I have been friends for a few months now, but we'd never actually met.  We'd only ever kept in touch via blog or facebook.  But recently we decided to meet up, and we had our first lunch date today at Sweet Cakes Cafe in Mesa and it was so fun!  It's crazy the way the 21st century works!  Ali is such a blast, and pretty much exactly as I'd imagined she'd be.

And because she is the sweetest thing ever, she made this cute scrapbook for Ellie and me.  [And since I am in the running for the Top 5 Least Crafty People on the Planet award, this gift is absolutely perfect for me.]

And, of course, we took the most flattering pictures possible.  We're good bloggers like that.

Speaking of craftiness [or rather the lack thereof], I recently decided to get in touch with my inner grandma and start crocheting again.  I should have remembered the first few times when I tried to make scarves that ended up looking more like the Eiffel Tower than they did any sort of article of clothing, but I am determined this time.  Never mind the fact that I've tried watching the same youtube videos approximately 527 times in an attempt to figure out a new stitch and failed each time.

Keep Calm and Carry On!


katilda said...

I like that you met up with a blog friend! Yesss. And...I am the same as your mom. "she doesn't really handle cheesiness or large gatherings of weepy women well"

The Muse said...

I love hearing that about your mom. I can totally see it! That's awesome. I know what you mean about the being pregnant surprise, too. I felt the same way sometimes when I was pregnant with my little dude :)

Ali Mills said...

Hahahahaha oh dear me we look AMAZING ;) And I'm SOOO glad you like it! One of these days when we have to drop Andrew off at work, Rory and I will come visit you and we'll get our craft on with something!

Megan said...

I want to learn to crochet!! Or knit. Or sew. Something! Haha!!

Rachel said...

That Chipotle deal was a great reason to dress up in costumes for the day!

Courtney B said...

Confession.... I've never tried chipotle!! Am I missing out?

Alexis Kaye said...

I DIDN'T KNOW SHE HAD A NAME!!!!!!!! That's so exciting! I love it! I also love sweetcakes. Next time you must get the broccoli cheese soup in a bread bowl. It's a side.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Awww love bloggy meet ups!