Friday, November 30, 2012

the third trimester

28 weeks.

6 months.

The Third Trimester.

2/3 of the way done.

1/3 left.

The time has arrived.

For endless baby shopping sprees, that is.  Shh.  Don't tell my husband.  [Just kidding.  I think he's just as apt to spend money on her as I am.  She's already got him wrapped around her itty bitty finger.  Not to mention the fact that he's probably reading the post as we speak.] [Heyyy boy heyyy.]

Last night, we did a tour of one of the hospitals we're thinking about delivering in.  It was crazy, you guys.  It made everything feel so real.  I had heard from a lot of moms that you have labor and delivery in one room, and then they move you to a completely different room for recovery.  But at this particular hospital, it's all in one room.  One very nice room.  And there's even a little couch in there for Tim to sleep on.  Assuming, that is, that I let him get any sleep at all.  I guess we'll see.  They even have wi-fi that you can access on their tvs, which means that we will get to watch Psych on Netflix.  And I find that thought very comforting.  Strange but true.

As controversial as this all is amongst moms, I am pretty much already planning on an epidural, unless by some freak chance I'm one of those supermoms that barely feels any pain from the contractions whatsoever.  I would just rather have some positive feelings towards the whole experience than decide I never want to have any more children after this baby because I thought I was going to die during labor.  Just me?

Oh well.  I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that no matter how much I prepare myself, probably nothing will turn out like I think it will.  And that's ok.  I'm willing to be flexible.  The most important part is that she comes out healthy.

I have another ultrasound on Monday, which I am stoked about, along with the glucose test, which I am not so stoked about.  Mostly because I have been having sporadic morning sickness again, and forcing myself to eat or drink anything never turns out well.  But how bad can a drink that tastes like a melted orange popsicle really be?  Heck, I eat sugar cubes for fun.

Whether you can tell from all my nonsensical ramblings or not, Tim and I are beyond excited for this little girl.  I spend so much time daydreaming about the color of her hair, the color of her eyes, her personality, her smile.  And then I ask Tim endlessly what he thinks she will be like.  He is so much more patient about all of this than I am.  But we are both beyond excited for her arrival.

Baby girl, hurry up and get here!  On second thought, take your time.  But know that I can't wait to meet you!


katilda said...

I would make you a nice wall hanging but I can't decide if "Bonus Onus" is a good idea or not. (Kbutreally I'm excited about your baby. Also, run free with that epidural. Do your thing and watch Psych!)

Cait and TJ Canann said...

Yay, I'm a supermom! But you should know that the nurses were shocked that I wasn't feeling anything so I'm guessing my situation was abnormal. Anyway, I'm super excited to see what your little girl looks like too. And to introduce her to Austin. April/May cannot come soon enough!

Anonymous said...

No one can judge you for making a choice that feels right to you. Every woman feels those contractions in a different way. Be open to many possibilities, but if the epidural is what works for you, then by all means, do it!

Megan said...

I'm definitely leaning towards an epidural, too! So you are not alone in that!! : ) Congrats on being almost done!!