Monday, December 10, 2012

christmas lights

On Friday night, Tim and I set off on an adventure to look at some Christmas lights in our area.

First, however, we decided that peppermint hot chocolate was imperative.

We went to Dutch Brothers because I had a gift card there, and we loved it!

I might get blacklisted for saying this, but I don't actually like Starbucks hot chocolate that much.  I know. I know.  I love their cream frappucinos, but their hot chocolate?  A little lacking in my [chocolate connoisseur extraordinaire] opinion.  But we both loved Dutch Brothers and will probably go back soon.

Next stop was Natal Circle.  The entire street gets involved and goes all out with their Christmas lights.

It is seriously beautiful and worth the visit.

This was my favorite house last year, and it was was my favorite house this year.  Candyyy.  [Although apparently I took wayyy better pictures last year.  Meh.]

We were about to head over to the Mesa Temple Christmas lights when we got a call from Tim's sister Brigette asking if we wanted to meet her family there.

Hello, Fate.

We love hanging out with them!  Their kids are so cute and so full of personality, and they keep every moment entertaining.

For some reason Jack was being a little camera shy that night, but I still snuck some pictures in. :)

Jack decided to hide from me in the above picture, but I found him in this one:

Sneaky, sneaky.

If you can't tell, the bottom two buttons of my coat longer buttoned.  That's what happens when maternity clothes are the only clothes that really fit these days.

Love this place.

And love these two.  Isn't this picture precious?

After we all left the temple, Tim and I decided to drive around a couple of neighborhoods by our house to look at their lights.  I love seeing how creative everyone gets.  It's so fun.

And then we met a sweet old man in our condo complex and quickly became friends with him.  One of the best parts of an already incredible night.

I love Christmas, and I love Christmas lights, and I love hot chocolate, and I love family, and I love new friends, and I love my husband.

The end.


Amber and Lincoln said...

We went on the exact same date Friday night! Dutch bros peppermint hot cocoa (I don't like starbucks either) then Natal circle and temple lights! Great minds think a like!

Chelsea said...

I think I'm in love with you?

I have totally been stalking your Facebook, and girlfriend. You are soooo beautiful! You totally glow.

I, also, do not care for Starbucks hot cocoa. This sounds ghetto, but I actually really like Maverick's! They have like, flavor shots you can put in them like caramel, and hazelnut! Soooo yummy!

This looks like such a wonderful night!!

Ali Mills said...

You are the cutest preggo ever!! Holy DANG girl! And that sounds like the funnest of nights, I'm jealous.

And I love you ;)

The end ;)

katilda said...

you are correct, starbucks hot chocolate has a strange bitter flavor! i only like the salted caramel flavor. i'll have to investigate this dutch bros you speak of.

Fran said...

I think it's because they use the same syrup they use for the mocha, which is bitter, and don't add any sugar to it - i don't mind it for my mochas (i actually prefer it bitter) but it does seem weird with the hot chocolate - they probably figure that if you wanted it sweet, you'll add the sugar yourself? haha

Our Little Fam said...

You are so beautiful! Love going to see lights at the temple grounds. Yummy hot chocolate!

Lexie and Brayden said...

oh my gosh. i was so confused i was looking at your temple light picutres and i was thinking... why... are none of them wearing coats? its like zero degree's downtown. how is that little girl not frozen??? haha then i realized. that was not the SLC temple lights.. that is AZ temple {i think? right?} hahaha so pretty! glad i figured that out! :)