Monday, August 12, 2013

that time i realized i was needy

This last weekend, I realized just how needy I really am.

I've never really thought of myself as a needy girl.  Just because I need Tim to buy me jewelry monthly, flowers weekly, and chocolates daily, does not mean I am a needy girl.


[But seriously.  The only reason I don't make him buy me chocolates daily is because I don't want to "blow up like my Aunt Roberta."]

[Name that movie and we'll be friends for life.]

But this last weekend Tim decided he was going to go on a "survival" campout with his brother, Jeremy.  And, you know, eat snakes and stuff.  [No really, they did.]  [I wish I was joking.]  In theory, I was totally supportive of the whole idea.  Ellie and I would just have a girls' night and go out on the town and drink Shirley Temples.

Well, okay, maybe I didn't envision it to be quite like that.

But spending time without Tim didn't seem like a big deal.

As the days progressed, however, I realized what I pansy I really am.  Really.  My name is Katie, I am a grown woman, and I am still afraid of the dark.  It's true, my friends.  I have probably seen way too many scary movies for my own good.  My imagination is way too vivid.

But as fate would have it, I have been looking for excuses to spend time with my friend, Cait, and her son anyway, so I invited her to come spend the night with me.  Except for one disappearing [and reappearing] bottle incident, we didn't freak ourselves out too badly.  And we actually had a really good time.

You know, just in case they get married someday.

But I missed Tim like crazy.  And it was in that one night that I realized just how many things I rely on Tim for.  Heck, I don't even know how to turn on the sprinklers by myself!  And heaven knows I don't want to be the one to turn off all the lights in the house and walk back through a dark staircase.

You can see where this is going, I think.

When Tim called me at 10:30 the next morning and said they were cutting their trip short and that he was on his way home, I was ecstatic.

After a much-needed shower on Tim's part [camp smoke only smells good in the outdoors], we were all on our way to our local community pool for Ellie's first swim.

Which, as you can see, she enjoyed immensely.  Hahahaha.  Oh man, I must look at this picture 100 times per day.  It seriously just cracks me up.  The funny part about this picture is that she actually really did enjoy herself, once she got used to the whole water thing.  Whilst Cait's son was busy splashing around like a madman, Ellie would cling to us and cautiously touch the water once about every five minutes.

Let's just hope she doesn't take after me and throw up during her very first swim lesson.  [I don't wanna talk about it.]

This picture more accurately portray's Ellie's first experience in the swimming pool.  Serious and contemplative.  ["Do I really like this?"]

 Cait's son just goin' to town.

Hahaha, oh man, yet another hilarious picture.  Ellie was blinking and Tim was about to smile.  [Does it make me a bad wife and mother that I make fun of pictures of my husband and baby?]

And speaking of hilarity, check out my four different shades of skin color.  [See, I make fun of myself, too, so it's okay.]

Then we all headed over to Maddox for the best fries and cream soda in the United States.  [Just believe it.]

And the moral of this long, very drawn-out story is that the next time Tim wants to go out of town, I'm going out of town, too.  To Prescott, AZ.  To stay with my parents.  And my dog.  Because he protects me from things.

Or I could just get a dog of my own.

Also a good idea.

Revised moral of the story:

I think it's time to get a dog.

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