Wednesday, August 7, 2013



Two days ago I celebrated two years with this guy.

Two years isn't really considered a very golden anniversary, is it?

But to me?  To me, this one is special.

A lot of things have happened in these two years.

+ We've lived in five different places, some in nice areas, and some in not-so-nice areas.

+ Tim got promoted from stock clerk to assistant store manager.

+ I did a semester-and-a-half of grad school, dropped out, and consequently had to quit my job, as it was a student-worker position.

+ We found out we were pregnant.

+ I got a temporary job working for Mesa Community College [and spent way too many hours throwing up in their bathroom].

+ We celebrated our one year anniversary, but not the way we'd expected.

+ Tim got another promotion - this time from assistant store manager to marketing manager - which meant that we would be moving at some point in the future.

+ My job at MCC ended.

+ We found out we'd be moving much sooner than expected - to Utah of all places.

+ We moved to Utah when I was eight months pregnant.

+ We had our sweet little baby.

+ And we bought our first house.

And actually, if you want to get all technical, about 654, 367 other things happened, too.  I mean, you know...if we're being technical.

To celebrate two years, Tim brought home chocolates from the Idle Isle during his lunch.  Then after work, he brought home some flowers.  I would get him gifts, too, but I've learned from experience that receiving gifts is the last of his love languages.  He's always like, "Oh thanks!  That's so...nice."  But I find other ways.

Like food.

Food is Tim's love language.  Nothing says "I love you" quite like eating steak and potatoes.

We went to Texas Roadhouse with our wee one and had the funnest time!

I think Ellie with be a meat lover like her parents.  She spent about half the time trying to grab the steak right off our plates.  And the other half grabbing the steak knives.  No big deal.

I get accused of being sappy when it comes to my marriage, but that's okay.  There are worse things.  And it's all true.  I am so, so blessed.  It becomes more and more clear every day that Tim was meant for me.  He is patient and kind [a requirement for dealing with me] and endlessly good.  And now that I've seen him with our daughter...well...there's just something about it that makes my mother-heart glow.  He is the cutest daddy.

I don't know how I got so lucky, or so blessed.  But thankfully there's Someone who knows me better than I know myself.

Because this has been the best two years of my life.


Katie Elizabeth Hawkes said...

I adore this. When you said you had fun at texas roadhouse it was like i could just picture you guys giggling in a booth. Love love love. MAZEL TOV ONUS

Kailei Pew said...

Happy Anniversary!

It has been so fun for me to keep up with you guys by reading your blog!

Fran said...

Happy anniversary!