Monday, October 21, 2013

temple trip

Last Saturday, Tim and I were able to go to the LDS Temple in Logan, UT.  We'd only been to the temple once since Ellie was born, and between the morning sickness and incessant peeing during pregnancy, it'd been more than a year since we'd been able to do an endowment session.

Luckily, or perhaps I should say blessedly, we have family nearby to watch Ellie while we go.  We might be are paranoid, and the idea of having anyone other than family watch her right now is paralyzing.  Jeremy and Ali watched her on Saturday, and they are our heroes!  They have three kids, including a little three-month-old, but they graciously agree to watch her whenever we need them to, including a couple weeks ago when we tried to go to the temple but realized it was closed...once we got there.  That was cool.

Despite the usual nerves when we leave Ellie, it was wonderful to be able to go.  The feeling inside the temple is just incredible, and I found myself so immersed in that peaceful feeling that I completely forgot about my worries for a little while.  Not to mention the fact that I knew Ellie was in very capable hands.

Got this studly picture by accident while I was trying to set the self-timer.  Though come to think of it, he was probably smiling because he already knew that was going to happen.  He knows me pretty well.

Feeling like we'd just gotten married yesterday.

When we got back to see Ellie, Ali told us that she'd been really happy for the most part, playing with their toys, and kicking her feet and bouncing up and down to the beat of the music.  She said Ellie also loved looking at Talon (their three-month-old), which didn't surprise me a bit.  I was so happy that she'd taken pictures of the two of them, because I always forget!

That first picture just cracks me up every time.  Such cute cousins.

And then we ate chips and homemade salsa with their family.

Pretty much the best day ever.


jhjonze said...

I'm glad you have family nearby but with you feel less paranoid we would love to watch her too! No judgment though. I'm still paranoid with my kids and I always feel like I'm inconveniencing people. :)

I'll Love You Forever said...

Glad you guys were able to go to the temple. I started working on my temple prep classes a recently and am almost finished :)
Ellie is so darling!!

Katie Elizabeth Hawkes said...

That first picture seriously cracks me up too because it looks like she is TAKING that selfie. ahahha. YOU HAVE A TALENTED KID

Courtney B said...

Ooooh she is SO CUTE! And I'm so glad you were able to go to the Temple! We were finally able to go a couple weeks ago for the first time since Mia was born. We just did sealings but we've already planned our trip next month to do a session!

Siri Baxter said...

So awesome that you guys got to do a session! It's always so refreshing and relieving the go to the temple! You guys are too cute!

Emma Frances said...

Those pictures of Ellie and her cousin are just adorable! And Race and I seriously need to plan a temple trip! It's been much too long since we've been together!