Monday, December 16, 2013

slc adventures

We've been on a few trips to Salt Lake City that I never blogged about, so I thought I'd combine some of them into one post.  Be prepared for pictures.  Lots and lots of pictures.

This first set of pictures was when we went down to Bruges Waffles and Frites in September.  Apparently it's been on Food Network, and let me tell you...I can see why.  Belgian waffles stuffed with chocolate and topped with strawberries and whipped cream?  Um, yes please.

Aaand another weekend in November we went to Tony Caputo's.  Yes.  Yes yes yes yes.  It's a market with a restaurant on the side.  Or a restaurant with a market on the side?  Either way.  It's amazing.

Just last week we went to Temple Square - twice.  The first time was with Tim's youth group.  We got there just as everyone was leaving, so we took some pictures and then went over to the mall.  We knew we'd be back just a couple of days later.

Can I just say that the mall, City Creek, is my favorite?  The roof opens when it's nice outside and it has a creek running through it!  With real fish in it!

Then we came back to temple square last Friday with a couple of my friends from Prescott, AZ, where I grew up.

Merritt and his girlfriend, Molly.  Fun fact: Merritt and I dated in high school.  Now we're great friends.

Ellie was not a happy camper that night.  Our cute little grumper. 

My BF, Cait, and her cute family.

Nothing about that night turned out as I'd planned, but it was a great night!

We love SLC!

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Siri Baxter said...

Those waffles look AMAZING! (and you have the cutest baby ever!)