Wednesday, January 22, 2014

ellie's 10 month pictures

That little baby of mine somehow manages to get cuter every month, I swear.  Oh the things she does to my heart.

This month she:

+ Takes 1-2 steps by herself before tumbling to the ground.

+ Carries a book with her wherever she goes.

+ Giggles at everything.  Sometimes I swear she thinks she's telling jokes.

+ Says "mama" and "dad" and really understands what they mean.

+ Says "up" when she wants to be held.

+ Says "uh-oh" (which sounds more like "uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-oh") when she drops something on the floor.  Which is all the time.

+ Attempts to say "duck" ("dah") and "fish" ("ssh") whilst playing in the bathtub.

+ Signs "more" when she wants more food.  And sometimes whenever she feels like it.

+ La-la-loves tangerines.  And pretty much all fruits.

+ Hates all vegetables, except for very occasionally sweet potatoes and green beans.

+ Still dances about 90% of the day.

+ Claps enthusiastically the other 10%.

+ Blows kisses (which is more like smacking herself in the face repeatedly).

+ Drinks out of a straw.

+ Still nurses every 2-4 hours.  It just depends.

+ Sleeps better, only waking up somewhere between 0-3 times per night, depending on the night.  Huge improvement.

+ Loves to mimic everything we do.

+ Gives the best hugs, kisses, and endless cuddles.

+ Becomes totally entranced by the Barney Sing-A-Long on Netflix.

+ Has six teeth.

Ellie's oh-so-sweet side has really emerged this month, and I just can't get enough of her.  She's the best entertainment and the best little buddy.

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Katie Elizabeth Hawkes said...

I appreciate the fact that she signs "more" whenever the heck she feels like it. Expressive.