Thursday, January 16, 2014

the reluctant utahn

"Your news stations in Utah are really weird," my sister-in-law commented during our long drive back from a family dinner.

I was stunned.

My news stations?  I thought.  But my news stations are down in Arizona.

And that was when it hit me.  We've lived in Utah for an entire year.  A year and a week, to be exact.  Maybe they really are my news stations now.

I'm still kind of in denial about the whole thing.  I still feel like an Arizonan through and through.

But what a year it has been!

We moved to Utah, had a baby about a month later, and bought our first house.  And that's just the cliff notes version.

And, if pressed, I might even say that Utah isn't such a bad place to live.

Ok, ok.  It's pretty great most of the time.  And I'm even getting used to this whole freezing-my-butt-off-for-months-on-end thing.  I don't always like it.  But I'm getting used to it.

And truth be told?  My life is beautiful.  And it has very little to do with where I live.

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Katie Elizabeth Hawkes said...

I'm glad you are coming to terms with Utah.......I kind of look back on it as a "I'm glad we met once but let's just be friends from a distance" kind of thing. I mean, maybe if winter didn't last so dang long..? *please bless summer comes extra early for you* Anyway. ANYWAY. That's all. Tomoozfro.