Tuesday, September 16, 2014

peach days 2014

My laptop officially bit the dust.

The top half literally broke off from the bottom half.  Which, you know, can generally cause a few problems.  Thankfully I am no longer ninety years old and actually have a smart phone, which covers most of my day-to-day issues with the internet.  Essentially the biggest change is that now when I want to blog, I have to get off my butt and make the trek to our desktop downstairs (only to sit on my butt again once I get there).  It's a tough life.

And here I am!  Downstairs.  At our desktop.  Ready to blog.  I feel so motivated.

Let's talk about Peach Days.

If you recall, our experience last year with Peach Days wasn't the best.  To be fair, it was kind of a stressful time in general, and we didn't have the time to really explore.  This year, I went around to all the booths on Friday with my friend and her kids, and then went back with Tim that night, and THEN went back again on Saturday.  And we loved it!  Turns out that when you actually have the time and aren't on the phone the whole time, it's a pretty fun place to be!

Of course, we got the Dutch Oven food again (of course)...and some cotton candy...and some spiral-cut potatoes with nacho cheese...and even some slushies from Sonic.  Needless to say, even if everything else had been terrible, we would have had a good time, because FOOD.

The first night, we got Ellie a toy bus for $1, and she was totally thrilled.  I mean, thrilled.  Like, she still talks about buses all the time now.  And she got a free balloon at one of the booths.  If you're wondering what heaven looks like to Ellie, I think that pretty much covers it.

I'm still bitter that she hated balloons back when her first birthday party was "UP" themed, but I guess I can be glad that she likes them now.  I guess.

On Saturday morning, we walked down our street a few blocks to Main Street so we could see the parade.  Talk about charm!  I was totally sold from the moment they walked down the street with the American flag and everyone stood and put their hands over their hearts.  Makes me teary every time.

They had marching bands and dance troupes and cute floats and if you can't tell I kinda loved the whole thing.

These next two pictures just kill me, for different reasons:

 Those eyes!

 That smile!

After the parade, we went home for a little while, and bought Tim a nice bike at a garage sale for $10.  Holla!  Then a couple of hours later, we met up with Tim's brother, Jeremy, and his family back at Peach Days.  We are so happy that they live so close!  It's the best.

We were definitely converted to Peach Days this year!

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