Tuesday, November 4, 2014

bowling date

I can't believe it's November already.  Time just flies by...especially now that I'm not in school anymore.  I remember October taking forever in college.

Waaay back in September, Tim and I went on a date.  Actually, we go on dates all the time, but usually we take Ellie, so I don't know if that actually counts.  Sometimes it feels like it counts, and sometimes it doesn't.  Anyway, in September we went on a real date, sans Ellie.  [Don't worry, she was with a great babysitter and probably didn't even notice we were gone.]

Call us nerds, but both of us really enjoy bowling.  We're terrible, but we love it.

We were the only customers in the entire place.  On a Friday night.  You'd think in a small town, it'd be a hot spot, because WHERE ELSE.  But it was just us, which we loved.  Just when we thought a bowling alley couldn't be more romantic.

Tim was still recovering from knee surgery and consequently employed the skip-hop bowling technique, but he somehow managed to beat me [by quite a lot] [but I'm not bitter] anyway.

After the bowling alley, we headed over to Firehouse Pizza for some dessert.  It hasn't been open for very long, and it's one of the few restaurants in town.  And well, it has pizza cookies, so enough said.  New favorite place.

I always love that one-on-one conversation time with Tim.  And as an additional bonus, there was an entire table of teenagers behind us, which made for great people-watching.

After our date was over, we dropped by, picked Ellie up, and drove over to the temple.  It's one of our favorite places.

Lately, Ellie enthusiastically yells, "Cheeeese!" every time she thinks you are going to take a picture of her, and sometimes she even sticks out her belly, as pictured below:

Hilarity ensues every single time.

I love that Ellie really appreciates our romance...

"That's disgusting, Dad.  Stop right now."

It was a great evening.  And I'm already missing that perfect weather.  [Right now I'm inside wearing my sweatshirt with the hood on and my fingers are about to achieve frostbite.  But I suppose at least there are no more mosquitoes?]

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Katie Elizabeth Hawkes said...

She kills me in that belly photo....and your caption on that last photo is the besssst. It's exactly what she's thinking.