Wednesday, January 20, 2010

death mountain

After much introspection and thought during the last several days, it has become apparent to my accelerated intellect that my legs hurt...really bad.

Now okay, I thought I was in relatively good shape. Not great, not fantastic...but good.

I was wrong.

Relatively can mean a lot of different things. Relative to who? To someone who runs a 5K? To someone who eats potato chips all day and never gets off the couch? Yeah, I'm in pretty good shape. How about compared to a marathon runner? A half-marathoner? A 10 kilometer-er? Yeah, I don't stand a chance.

What brought on all this insightful introspection, you may ask?

Well on Monday, a few friends and I hiked Camelback Mountain. For those of you who have never hiked it, I now fondly refer to it as Death Mountain. Um, hello! It's called switchbacks, people. Apparently the makers of this trail had never heard of them. Instead, they put up metal railings so you could pull yourself up the mountain.

Okay, it wasn't as bad as I'm making it sound (though all the things I've said are true...ahem). I actually got up and down just fine with only a couple of short stops along the way to catch my breath. I'm sure that if I hiked this trail every day, I would be in marvelous shape and never complain again. (Okay fine...probably not possible.)

So why am I complaining so much? Because my legs are complaining. Loudly. They're really rude. Especially my shins and my ankle that I mildly twisted on the way down.

Moral of the Story:

Yeah, you're right. There's really no moral to this story. I'm just complaining.

Other Moral of the Story:

If your legs speak to you, that's probably not a good thing.

Final Moral of the Story:

Get out there and exercise!

Nothing like a good motivational pep-blog to get you pumped.


Cait the Great said...

Twinsies! I know how you feel! On Monday, (the Elder Loper twin day) I played frisbee for three hours. I didn't just play. I played hard. I dove for that frisbee so much. the minute I got home my right leg literally gave way under me. I've been aware of every muscle in my body since Monday. So aware that it hurts to breathe in deep. But hey, I'm going back out tonight (I seriously don't know how I'm going to survive, but I just can't quit) to play frisbee...again. Gosh, I love my sports. Also, next time take your camera hiking it. Not only will it give you the perfect excuse to stop and rest ("Hey, guys I wanna stop and take a picture of this beautiful scenary"), but you'll also have documentation that you hiked a mountain and pretty pictures to post on facebook for Stalker Cait to comment on. Sorry for the novel comment. Also, my code word is sphrint. i think they meant sprint which must mean that you should sprint death mountain. good luck.

shirley elizabeth said...

Don't tell me you used the pansy poles!

One tip: Camelback Mountain (one of my favorite hikes) is the type of mountain that you can only get better/faster at by climbing it often. You can run other mountains all you want, but if you want to cut your time up Camelback, it means going up it at least once a week.
I used to live within jogging distance of the mountain and for a time could do it every other day. but then I moved before I could reach my 21 minute goal.

jugglerchic said...

I've been DYING to hike camelback again since I did in the middle of the summer and it sounds like you did a lot better than I did. I definitely understand the legs talking though. Mine were all wobbly for about a week afterwards.

Jana said...

And you wanted me to go. Who's the smart one now? jk. I'm sure the parts of you that weren't complaining had fun, just like I had fun NOT hiking.

Rebecca Elizabeth said...

I know exactly what you mean! A year ago, I hiked up "A" Mountain right before the start of the new semester...I thought I was going to die, and my legs were sooo sore the whole first week of school. Yuppers, definitely made me think about exercising more...

Brady & Alexes Brown said...

Hah I love this post! It made me laugh, especially the moral of the story section. And props to you for actually hiking the mountain! That really is an accomplishment!