Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I went to my new ward on Sunday, and I was pretty excited about it.

As they were passing the water for the sacrament, I tried to grab the tray while simultaneously taking a drink of water.

What actually happened, however, is that while I was grabbing the tray, only two or so drops of water from the cup fell in my mouth while the rest dribbled down my chin and onto my shirt. Now if you'll remember, those water cups are pretty tiny and shouldn't be able to drop much water, right?


At least it looked like a lot of water on my shirt.

Awesome. Good first impression on my new ward.

I guess there's a reason my mother didn't name me Grace.


Cait the Great said...

at least you didn't knock the whole tray over. your new ward will love you - it's impossible not to. if they don't then you can come to my ward. I like this plan. :)

Jana said...

Even though you ruined my most spiritual moment (yeah, we know how calm and serene I was on Sunday) that made me happy. I think it just made you look even cuter!

The Muse said...

Something similar to that happened to Kirk the first Sunday he spent with my family in CT. He was traumatized by it. I just thought it was funny-- and cute :)

PS. This is your cousin, Meg.