Friday, October 14, 2011


Have I told you we're moving again at the end of this month?

No, not into a house.  Not yet.  [We kinda decided that with school and work and stress to postpone that for the time being.]

But we are moving into a condo.  A two-bedroom, two-bath condo.  Which may [or may not] sound small, but let me reassure you - it is far bigger than our one-bedroom, one-bath apartment.

Don't get me wrong, I love our apartment.  And quite frankly, I always will.  It was the first place I lived with my very own husband.

However, when your apartment looks like this all the time...

...with stuff lining the walls... know you just might need a bit more space.

I am so excited for this move.  And the rent is cheaper, so it doesn't get much better than that, eh?

And just for posterity's sake, a couple more of the current apartment:

Here's the table that came with our furnished apartment.  [Bye-bye table.]  And more stuff lining the walls.

Tiny but well-loved.

Don't judge the decor, por favor.  I hadn't really started decorating, porque I knew we'd be moving ASAP.
[Yeah, I'm not really sure where the random spanish is coming from either.]

For fun.

Anyway, hopefully soon I'll be able to show you a fully-decorated new condo.  [Soon meaning within the next couple of months.  Don't hold your breath.]

I kinda like moving.  At least the redecorating, reorganizing part.  [Not so much the heavy furniture, arms-aching part.]  Is that weird?


Ali said...

Girl your bathroom is bigger than mine! Hahahahaha but we're moving up to a two bedroom apartment in a month and a half!! Woot! I love moving too for the re-organizing of everything, but I hate having to pack everything up, such a hassle!

Good luck on your move ;)

karajean said...

Good luck moving! I think it's such a pain! I've lived in our house for 10 months and still haven't decorated much. And we have a "crap" room that is full of all the stuff I moved in and never organized. I just shut the door and pretend it's not there.

Lindsay R said...

how exciting! good luck with moving and hooray for more space!!


Alexis Kaye said...

hahaha your tiny one bedroom one bath looks bigger than our one bedroom one bath. Ours is 600 sq feet! :) We love it though! We've been there almost 6 months and have another guranteed at least 6 months to go! but after I'm thinking about going into a condo. Where did you guys find one? If it
s cheaper than a 1 bed 1 bath it's probably pretty good! :D

Stephanie said...

Good luck with the move! The hubs and I just upgraded spaces and we are in hogs heaven... What a difference an extra bathroom makes ;)

Hope you're having a great weekend! Xoxo, Stephanie @ Blonde Highlights

Emma Frances said...

I was so sad to move from our first place. It was TINY too. It was basically a studio. It didn't have a room instead it had a space for a bed. It was so unique and fun and the first place we had as a WE so I was sad to move but having space is oh so nice!! So excited for you! :]