Monday, October 31, 2011


Good news:

We got all of our stuff moved this weekend!  And thankfully, we had a lot of help.  Friends and family: we love you guys.

Pictures of our new place to come.

[I am very excited about this.  It is already looking good and I am so excited to decorate.  #callmecrazy]

And now for a funny story:

Tim is very ticklish.  [This is important for the "funny story."  I promise I'm not just telling you random factoids.]

Consequently, I love to tickle him.  [I am also very ticklish, but he learned early on in our relationship that I can't control my body movements while I'm being tickled so I may or may not have kicked him in the stomach once.  Oops.]

And apparently, I love to tickle him even in my sleep.  Because the other night, we were both falling asleep, and I just started full-on tickling him.  [This is all according to Tim because I don't remember it at all.]

So he started jerking around and woke me up, and my first thought was that someone must be breaking in or something by the crazy way that he was moving around.

Then when I found out what [he says] happened, I got super annoyed.  I really have no rationale for this other than that I had just been unexpectedly awakened.

I turned my back to him.

He said, "Babe are you mad?"

"No, I'm just frustrated."

He said he couldn't even be frustrated with me because he was laughing too dang hard.

Then the next day, he brought it up and I had forgotten all about it.  Then I couldn't stop laughing.  [And let me tell you, this was a problem because I was talking on my phone in a public place, laughing my head off, and probably looking like a crazy person.]

But I couldn't help it.

Now if I could only learn to sleep-study.
For fun.

Does anyone else do crazy things in their sleep?


Siri Natalia said...

Ok this is so funny! Lance has woken me up about 4 times before ticking me. He likes to be touching me when we sleep so he will often reach over to touch my arm. I like to sometimes sleep with an arm above my head (like laying on my arm) and somehow he manages to reach over to touch me and touch right in my armpit so I almost fly out of the bed! Ha ha! :) I think I should "accidentally" tickle him one night.

Emma Frances said...

Love the picture! :] And that is HILARIOUS!

Also, sleep studying would be the solution to all our problems--right?!

katilda said...

i mostly love your logical-argument-sounding response: "I'm just frustrated." ahaha

Tim said...

Let me tell you it was a pretty funny experience!!!!