Tuesday, December 20, 2011

lack of motivation

Would you like to know why I haven't been writing very much lately?

Maybe you don't care and are going to quit reading my blog immediately.
Maybe you are a stalker and care entirely too much.
Maybe you are a blog stalker, in which case, it's ok.  [I do it, too.]
Maybe you are a friend and actually care about my life [but in a non-pathological way].

Well, enemies, creepers, blog stalkers, and friends...

...there is actually no good reason that I haven't been writing lately.

School stopped, and therefore, so did my brain.  And my drive.  [If I ever really had any to begin with.]

But, in case you were wondering, I got the highest GPA I've ever had in my life this semester.

What the.  How did that happen?

Also, Tim and I sang at a wedding this last weekend.  Actually, to be more specific, we sang during their ceremony.  Because Samara is my friend and my coworker, and because it was their wedding [no big deal], we were more than a little stressed.  We wanted it to be perfect for them.

And it really was.

Everything was so beautiful, and I'm pretty sure there wasn't a single dry eye as they both cried through their vows.  Talk about touching.

Don't they look perfect?  [And there we are, chillin' in the background.]
[I stole borrowed this picture off Samara's facebook.  I hope nobody gets offended.]

Speaking of weddings, I just wanted to show you this:

And this:

Ok, fine, and this, too:

Ah yes.

Being married is the best.

I get all teary-eyed just thinking about how lucky I got.

Ok kids, I'll see you when and if my drive comes back again.

In the meantime, Happy-Five-Days-Until-Christmas!

[Again, nobody sells signs that say that.  I am definitely starting my own product line.]


Ali said...

If you make it, I will buy it hahahaha ;) And I'm getting super un-motivated too so I totally get it ;)

katilda said...

i must see a video of you performing. or at least inform me what you sang. also was there sherbet punch...kbyenow

Samara (Lyon) Frick said...

Wonderful! A big THANK YOU to you and Tim for making our special day that more special. And remember, "slacking" is also a form of rejuvitation ... you have t rest up to make all that magic happen again next semeseter. Miss you!