Monday, December 5, 2011

christmas décor

Ok, kids.

I think we've finally put up all of our Christmas decorations.  [And by "our" Christmas decorations, I mean Christmas decorations my mom gave/lent to me because she either has too many or just isn't as into decorating anymore or is just being entirely too generous.]

Wanna see?

 That couch was mine and Tim's first purchase together.  Fifty bones off Craigslist, yo!

 O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree...

 Ok, I know this one looks pretty much like the last, but you couldn't really see the lights in the last one, and this one is blurry, so I figured posting both was the best of both worlds.  #don'tjudgeme

 My mom's old nativity set.  I feel so lucky to have it.

 I think my favorite part of this is the candy cane candles.  [Say that five times fast.]

[No really, go ahead.  I dare you.]

 I know, still blurry.  Alas.

My aunt got me these cute cupcake ornaments.  I especially love that they sparkle.

 Most of our furniture is furniture my grandma left to me.  Thinking about that makes me tear up a little.  

Yeah, I'm gonna do something a little different with that wall space on the left.  Just not quite sure what yet. 

These are salt and pepper shakers that have been around as long as I can remember. 

So, umm...I've been in love with Mickey and Minnie for as long as I can remember.  When I was a little girl, I was obsessed with my pink Minnie bedspread.  [At least these aren't pink, right?]

My grandma made this wreath. 

As a kid, these were my absolute favorite decorations.  I think I just loved that they fit inside each other. 

And a cheesy picture for the road.


Ali said...

Um Im super jealous of that hutch!! It's gorgeous! Plus you're whole place looks adorable and I love it ;)

P.S. Jealous of the Disney stockings too (we don't even have ones for us yet)

sanstorm said...

love your grandmothers furniture it is beautiful

Briana said...

I may or may not have had the SAME pink minnie mouse bedspread when I was little! Was it frilly, too?

Emma Frances said...

Your decorations are awesome!! :] And your house looks so dang cute! I'm jealous! Haha. I definitely said Candy Cane Candles five times fast just so you know! It was entertaining to say the least! I can't wait to hear more about your wonderful life over the holiday season! Good luck with the end of the semester!

Fran said...

Super cute! Love the Candy Cane Candles!