Thursday, December 29, 2011

the perks of being married

During the first semester of my freshman year, I had no computer.

If it had been up to my mom, I wouldn't have had a cell phone, either.  [She was convinced I should get a land line in my dorm room.  Fact.]

As many of you know, having a computer in college is pretty darn important.  So, after an entire semester of walking across campus to use the computers in the computing commons and using my roommate's computer, I decided that - expensive or not - I needed a computer.

I saved up my money, but I still didn't have enough.  Which was when my mom decided to convince everyone to chip in as a Christmas gift to make up the difference.

Christmas morning of 2007, I woke up to find my brand new HP laptop.

I had my beloved laptop until January of 2010, when it abruptly died - just in time for my warranty to run out.

Thankfully, my work lent me a desktop computer, which served me faithfully [however slowly] until I got married, which was when I upgraded to a much-faster desktop.  [The perks of being married.]

On the first day of this last semester, I noticed that almost everyone in my class had a laptop to take notes on.  I convinced myself that I didn't need a laptop for the whole semester.  And you know what?  For the most part, I was right.  I didn't need one.  But it sure would have been convenient.  [Because my teachers made us take notes like nobody's business.]

Whenever Tim mentioned that it would be nice for me to have a laptop, I shrugged it off.  Yeah it would be nice.  But it's not necessary.  And we can't afford it.  I'm doing fine.  No big deal.

This year on Christmas morning, I woke up to find my very own brand new Toshiba laptop.

From Tim.

And do you know how he got it?

He sold one of his guitars.

He says he didn't need it.

That he didn't even want it.

That it was no big deal.

But you know what, ladies and gents?  It sure felt like a big deal.  And my eyes still fill with tears when I think about it.

And so here I am, sitting on our bed, writing this blog on my very own laptop, and feeling very spoiled.

Talk about the perks of being married.

[Or maybe about the perks of being-lucky-enough-to-have-married-the-sweetest-man-in-the-world.  Whichever you choose.]


Alexis Kaye said...

Awh that's sooo sweet! Tim is a good guy :) you two are perfect for each other! And I'm so glad you got a lap top!!!!

Ali said...

That is so sweet! You picked a really good one ;)

Fran said...

Aww that is SO sweet! Sounds like you have a keeper :)

Brady & Alexes Brown said...

adorable... you've got a good one!!