Tuesday, May 22, 2012

into the void

Sometimes I feel inspired to write.  Words pop into my head and it takes a considerable amount of intellectual restraint to not stop whatever [likely more productive thing] I'm doing and just write instead.  Write until I have nothing left to say and have no more words bouncing around in this little brain of mine.

But...I just haven't felt that way lately.

I still have words popping into my head.  But I just haven't felt a great need to share them.  Which is liberating in some ways and restricting in others.

But tonight, I just wanted to share a couple of thoughts.

The first is that being without my husband - even for a few days - was really hard.  Tim is working six days a week this summer, with little-to-no time off, which meant that if I wanted to go visit my family, I'd have to go without him.  And although I knew I'd miss him, I didn't realize quite how keenly I'd feel it.  I barely slept and I talked about him approximately 98.67% of the time.  And seeing him again brought an unexpected flow of tears.  It makes me abundantly grateful that Tim is not serving in the military.  I'd be a mess.

But I did get to spend time with my beloved family [and dog] and go hiking with my dad:

That was nice.

And the second thing is that pink-eye is not as bad as everyone makes it sound.  Sure, it means that I have to wear glasses instead of contacts.

Sure, it means that my eye occasionally burns like crazy.  And sure, it means that it always looks like I'm crying.

But those things really aren't that bad.  For one thing, Tim actually likes my nerdy glasses.  And for another thing, the constant tearfulness simply means that I get to play the sympathy card - and often.  And for another thing, it meant that Tim and I got to make homemade ice cream for FHE last night.

Ok, maybe that last one wasn't a direct cause-and-effect.  But we did make homemade ice cream, and it did make my eye feel better.  [It's probably a scientifically-proven method somewhere.]  I'll have to tell you about that adventure sometime.

But for now, that's all I really want to say.


p.s.  My blog is undergoing some major construction.  Eventually it will look flawless.  And by eventually, I mean maybe never.  Please have some patience with me in the meantime :)


Kylie said...

I totally know what you mean about writing. I go through phases. But as for pink eye....I hate it. I feel like a 12 year old if I don't wear at least mascara, so it's tough on me. And I'm such a germophobe that I constantly wash my hands for fear of spreading it haha.

Annmarie Pipa said...

I have been wanting to talk to adults for the past 25 yrs....so i am loving this writing blog posts...I can talk(write) all want with no kid interruptions!