Monday, May 7, 2012

our story [part 4]

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Intermittently, Tim would send me quirky emails that made me laugh, including one jib-jab video of the two of us dancing disco-style and one random email about how he might have to join OPA (Otter Pops Anonymous) because he’d been eating so many of them lately.  I remember the jib-jab video especially because he sent it to me on a night in which I desperately needed a good laugh.

In the middle of all of this, I would still get the occasional inkling that I should start dating again.  They were coming more often and were getting harder to ignore.  But to be quite honest, “dating again” and “Tim” had never intersected in my mind at this point.

Katie and I enjoyed doing quirky things sometimes, so we decided that one night, we’d host a “speed-walking contest” at the park across the street from our condo.  We emailed and texted a few people, and by the time everyone showed up at the park, we ended up just throwing a frisbee around instead.  Tim’s roommates were there, so I asked them where he was.  They said he had another party to go to, but that he might show up later.

Tim finally did show up, but not until about 11:30pm.  By this time, we were all headed to QT to get some drinks.  I was happy to see him, and gave him a quick hug as Katie and I jumped in the car with Tim and Jason.  When we got there, I walked over to the other group that had showed up at the park and started talking to them.  The group was mostly boys, and I joked and laughed with them for a few minutes outside of QT.  Tim mostly hung back and didn’t say much.

I didn’t know this at the time, but apparently he was thinking, Those boys can talk to her all they want now, but I’m gonna find a way to get her alone.

On the drive back from QT, Tim offhandedly mentioned that they were almost out of otter pops and asked if we wanted to go get some.  As it was almost midnight, Katie and Jason understandably opted out, but I thought, Why not?  I wasn’t sure if I should just leave Katie, but Tim was so enthusiastic about this otter pop run that I decided to go with him.

I hopped in his truck and immediately Tim started asking me questions.  What’s your favorite movie?  What are your hobbies?  You know, the typical first-date stuff.  It was honestly at this point that I thought for the first time, Is Timmy Devey interested in me?  

I wasn’t sure what to think or how to feel about this unexpected thought.  

So I did the only rational thing and tried to avoid thinking about it.

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katilda said...

Oh do I remember the jib-jab video. Yes I remember it. And yes I remember you running off to the otter popssss

katilda said...

haha also, remember that wedding picture where Tim is standing off in the background...? I want it with this caption: "I’m gonna find a way to get her alone." ahahah...ha..

katilda said...

wait i got it wrong. you were the one standing the background. nevermind. too many comments.