Wednesday, August 29, 2012

hormonal absurdities

You guys.


Pregnancy does some strange things to your emotions.

You mommas out there know.  And some of you women know at certain times of the month.  And most of you men will never know.  [And I think we all prefer it that way.]

To be honest, most of the time I feel completely normal.  But sometimes, the waterworks turn on at the most random times and I have no idea - no idea - why I'm crying.

The first time I noticed this hormonal phenomenon, I was at the Devey family reunion.  We were in the middle of a talent show, and one of Tim's nephews got up to demonstrate his karate skills, complete with loud "Heeyah!"s and "Yah!"s.  Suddenly I found my eyes filling with tears as I took in this...tender...moment.  My logical side did its absolute best to convince my brain that my hormones were being absurd, and yet somehow, the knowledge alone didn't take away the tears.

The next absurd story took place in Primary [which is a church class for kids if you're unfamiliar].  A little girl was giving her talk and named off the various sports she liked to play.  For each sport she mentioned, her mom got out a visual aid.

"I like to run," she said, as her mom pulled out her sneakers.

"And I like to play soccer," she said, as her mom pulled out a soccer ball.

"And I like to play baseball," she said, as her mom got out her glove.

Somewhere down the list of favorite sports, my eyes began to fill with tears as if this was the most touching moment I'd ever encountered in my entire life.  I glanced over at Tim to see him looking at me, trying unsuccessfully to mask a smile as he noticed my unshed tears.

My favorite - and probably most absurd - hormonal moment came last night as I watched this video:

For some reason last night this video made me feel all teary-eyed and tenderhearted as I listened to the ridiculous lyrics and watched the hilarious dance moves.  Tonight I watched it again and laughed hysterically - mostly from the knowledge that it had somehow made me cry the night before.

In semi-related news, yesterday I threw up at work more times than I'd like to think about, but somehow, I felt all cheery and lighthearted as I gave students the bad news that it was now too late to sign up for classes.

You never know.  You just never know.


Emma Frances said...

Oh my goodness! You have cried for the most awesome reasons! Haha. This post cracked me up!

karajean said...

Haha! Good luck... it only gets worse from here! Toward the end I cried all the time!

katilda said...

these stories make me happy. yesterday i youtubed that scene in lord of the rings when sam carries frodo up the mountain....anyway, teary eyed. i have no baby to blame this on.

Alexis Kaye said...

hahaha I had my fair share of silly cries too. Like once I cried during parks and rec when Leslie got elected. That was tender. Once me and my sister were in Marshalls and I was telling her why she had to let me buy her shirt (because I hadn't gotten her a present and I felt awful about it) and real alligator tears welled up. She let me buy her the shirt.

And I'm sorry you've been sick!!! Have you tried ginger? Just kidding. I wanted to punch the 20 people a day who would ask me that question and ones like it. Only thing that HELPED for me was zofran. But I still puked a lot. I've gone a week without puking now!!

Anonymous said...

I have always been a huge crier, but it was nothing compared to when I was pregnant with my daughter. I cried watching Friends, if a commercial came on and I thought it was cute, watching game shows... It was embarrassing... on and let me not even get started when I went to church and sang the hymns! Immediate waterworks!