Saturday, May 18, 2013

buy a house or move to neverland?

Tim and I are officially grown-ups.

Minus the maturity part, anyway.  We're keeping our fingers crossed that that particular attribute shows up at some point before we die.

But we are buying a house.  And that's pretty grown-up, right?  At least that's what we tell ourselves.

[Though I have a sneaking suspicion that "grown-up" is actually just code for "more-bills-and-more-responsibility."  Which is why we occasionally consider moving to Neverland instead.]

I would show you a picture of the house, but I hesitate for two reasons:
  1. The house isn't ours yet.  We just had the appraisal and the inspection, both of which went well, but they're estimating that we won't close until mid-to-end of June.
  2. Creepers.  Part of me wants to believe that every single one of my readers is both sane and goodhearted, but the other [mother-bear] part of me screams that such a belief is both naive and possibly dangerous.    Maybe someday I will.  We'll see.
But just know that the house is cute.  By starter-home standards anyway.  We have lots of plans for gradual improvements on the inside, so I'm sure I'll be posting before and after pictures as we go.  It's totally move-in ready, but it was built in the 80's, and so there are lots of fun, mostly-inexpensive changes that we can make along the way.  We're excited for that part.  For all of it, really.

Assuming all goes well, we have two changes we want to make immediately before/immediately after we move in.  First, we want to put in a fence - for our kids and for that dog we've been itching to get ever since we got engaged.  And second, we want to put new carpet in two of the bedrooms.  They recently put new carpeting in throughout the house, but they just didn't do two of the bedrooms.  Not sure why.  [They needed it.]  The owner is going to leave carpet samples for us so we can match it easily.

I have a feeling that most of you are probably yawning at this point, so I'll stop now.  But just know that we are so excited and feel so blessed.

Here's to hoping we still feel that way after our first mortgage payment!

[But I guess there's always Neverland to fall back on!]

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mcarrasco said...

I am so excited for you! I can't wait to have a house so I can paint my walls haha