Tuesday, May 7, 2013

friend flashbacks

I had a really good group of friends in high school.

Like, really really good.

And then they all moved away to attend BYU.  Where I saw them all like twice a year.  [If I was lucky.]  [But I'm not bitter.]

Now that we live in Utah, however, I get to see them more often.  In theory, anyway.  But I really did get to see some of them last week.  The first time was last Wednesday when Ellie and I drove down to West Jordan to meet up with Ashley and Cait and their cute sons at Cafe Rio.

I already knew I missed them, but I missed them even more after it was all done.  And it's so fun - and crazy - that we all have babies now!  I wonder what we would have thought if we'd caught a glimpse of that moment seven years ago.

And the second time was when we went to Jeremy's wedding reception.  Tim and I picked up my friend, Jeff, beforehand, but unfortunately his wife was working that night so I couldn't meet her!  Then we all headed over to Jeremy's reception, where we saw Jeremy, his new wife, and his whole family.  I love them all!  And Jeremy and Alhy look so happy together.

I tried to take a picture of them cutting their cake, but it didn't work out so well.  See for yourself:

I'm an amateur, remember?  Don't judge me.

And, of course, I have to post a picture of my little posing princess:

After the reception, we took Jeff home so he could study [Mr. Smartypants Accountant], and drove over to see Cait again - this time with her husband, TJ!

It was so fun.  All of it.

And now I want to see them all again.

I guess it's a good thing we live in Utah.

[But don't quote me on that.]


Tracie said...

Katie, you look so fabulous! Not at all like you just had a baby... I hope we can get together again soon so we can get to know your little lady a bit!

Briana Skidmore said...

That last picture of Ellie is FABULOUS! And I'm sure that's what she was thinking;) What a cute girl.