Tuesday, November 4, 2014

ellie update

It occurred to me recently that I haven't given many updates on my sweet Ellie as of late.

If I had to pick one adjective that described Ellie, it would overwhelmingly be the word "sweet."  She loves giving hugs and kisses, and she uses "hold me" and "hold you" interchangeably as pleas to be held [which happens a LOT throughout the day].  She loves cuddles, and asks for them often.  Within the last couple of weeks, she has started stringing together three word sentences.  Her favorites are currently:

"I did it!"
"I got it!"
"I sit dere!"
"Daddy at work."
"Mommy hold me."

The night before we went to her pediatrician a couple of weeks ago, Tim and I decided it would be fun to count how many words she knows, just off the top of our heads.  We came up with 180+, and she has learned many more since then.

She is still tiny, and at 19 pounds, 6 ounces, she is in less than the 3rd percentile, but luckily our doctor doesn't seem too concerned because "at least she keeps gaining weight on track."  She's 30 inches tall, which as I recall was in about the 20th percentile.

 At our church Halloween carnival.

[Tim is Facebook, in case you were wondering.] 

She has just recently started becoming possessive of her toys when other kids come over, and consequently has started throwing her first tantrums.  I'm almost scared to jinx it, because right now, "tantrums" consist of planking on the floor and burying her face into the carpet.  That's it.  No crying.  No screaming.  Just the silent treatment.

 At a pumpkin patch with my cousins and their kids.

All the kids waiting for the pig race.

Overall, Ellie is extremely easy-going wherever we happen to be - at home, at the store, at church, you name it.  She has her moments, of course, but by and large she is pretty content to just go with the flow.  And, in fact, she is in love with nursery, and asks to go the entire time we're in Sacrament.

She loves counting ["two, two, five, seven"] and singing the ABCs ["c, c, g, z"], and interjecting random words as we sing other songs.

The girl loves her stuffed animals and her blankies, but doesn't really have any particular attachment to any one - just a general love for all of them.

Ellie is my little buddy, my side-kick, my friend.  I get all teary-eyed when I think about how lucky I am to have her.  And I know Tim feels exactly the same way.

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Ali Mills said...

Jade wore the same Minnie outfit for Halloween!! They're twins! Hahaha love her so much and miss your face!