Monday, April 6, 2015

new years 2015

"It's like déjà vu all over again." -Yogi Berra

It happened again.  Yet another failed campout at New Years.  You'd think we'd have learned our lesson after last year's poor attempt.  But no, we like to just keep making the same mistakes over and over again.  They say that's the best way to learn, right?

Weeks in advance, the weather forecast for Anza Borrego looked like a dream.  Seventies during the day, high forties at night - we could totally handle that.  After Christmas, however, we noticed that the weather forecast had mysteriously changed to fifties during the day and low thirties at night - plus additional chances of rain some of the days.  We actually debated trying to brave that weather, but eventually we concluded that my mom and I are not well-equipped to handle such weather.  In a tent.  At night.  With possible rain showers.  (I would use Ellie as an excuse, but unfortunately, I have come to realize that she is much better at not being a pansy than I am.)

Alas, much to our chagrin, the campout was foregone - but in its place we decided to take a few fun day trips in the Los Angeles area.

First stop?  LA County Arboretum.

Though I'd gone several years ago, I was excited at the prospect of going again - essentially because my botanist father turns into a kid at Christmas whenever he's there.  It's quite entertaining.  (And, well, it is quite beautiful there.)

 I really like them.

Unfortunately, Tim couldn't make it for this particular trip, because he needed to work one more day at their California office.  My brothers just decided to stay at my grandma's house.  (Not that I can blame them; it is a pretty great place.)

 I think we all know who Ellie's favorite is here.

My favorite moment came at the very end.  We needed to walk quickly out of the arboretum since it was closing time, but Ellie was insistent that she walk by herself.  ("No! Myself!")  Eventually, we just couldn't wait any longer, so I picked her up, to which she vehemently responded, "No, no, Katie!  No, no!"  Oh, that girl can make me laugh.

Second stop?  Natural History Museum of Los Angeles.

 (Yay!  Tim was there!)

Unfortunately, Ellie was not as thrilled with this place, which was really too bad.  It was a dang cool place to be.

 Ellie loves her "Papa 'teve."  (Grandpa Steve.)

Soon after this picture was taken, Ellie lost it.  LOST IT.  Cue temper tantrum of epic proportions.  Since I knew it was nap time, I decided to take her outside and walk around the grounds in her stroller.  She often falls asleep on our daily walks, so I figured that was our best chance.  It worked!  I was happy (and a little surprised).  We got to spend the rest of the time there in peace. :)

Third stop?  Griffith Observatory.

The view was incredible!

 Oh, hey there, Hollywood Sign.

The planetarium show was awesome!  (Ellie was even fascinated for the first five minutes ["Heavens! Baby Jesus!"], after which she fell fast asleep.  We weren't even mad.)  It was such a fun experience, motion sickness and all.  I also loved being able to touch some of the meteorites.

The more I go to places like this, the more I become aware of just how little I know.  It's humbling, and a little overwhelming.  But it's also a good thing, because it's always a good reminder to never stop learning.

Despite our (second) failed camping trip, we had a great time!  I was so grateful that we still got to spend the extra non-camping time with my family this year.  

I sure do miss them when we're all in different states.

Back to the real world. :)  (Don't worry, I'm actually crying on the inside.)

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