Thursday, April 23, 2015

treehouse children's museum

The Treehouse Children's Museum is basically my new favorite place.  Yes, it's for kids.  And yes, I am (vaguely) aware that I am not a kid.  But I have one.  And it was the perfect place to take her when it was cold and snowy for months on end.

I knew it was love when we first took Melissa and Burton there when they visited in January.  It only took one glance when we first walked in out of the cold to know that we'd be buying the membership.  For $60, Ellie, Tim, and I could go whenever we wanted.  All year.

It's not a museum in the traditional sense of the word.  It's more like one huge, indoor playground.  I mean, sure, they have miniature houses from several different cultures.  And they have giant maps that you can walk around on and learn fun trivia about each location.  And let's not forget about the big music room with instruments that kids of all ages can play with.  Or the miniature diner which allows kids to "cook" and serve fake food to their (totally grateful) parents.  Or the Oval Office.  Or the new Curious George area.

But I'm not a huge fan or anything.

Ellie and I went by ourselves a few times (and will continue to throughout the year, I'm sure).

 I love her look of concentration!

Tea-pouring is serious business.

And we also went once with some friends:

(Let's go again, Brittney and Heather!)

Basically, you should go.  All day, erry day.

(Spoiler alert: We also took Ellie there on her birthday - coming up soon!)

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