Thursday, April 23, 2015

valentine's day

I woke up on Valentine's Day to some amazing balloons, beautiful flowers, and a card.  My sweet husband got up before Ellie and I were awake yet so that he could go to the store and surprise us when we woke up.  Little did I know that the balloons would soon be sequestered by my almost-two-year-old.  (As far as she was concerned, they were never really mine anyway.)

My sweet husband made that day as special as he possible could, given that we'd also decided to potty train Ellie that day.

It was a long day.  And honestly, she did really well.  But by the end of the day, we were all done.  Done with being cooped up in our bathroom and done with being in our house all day.  Luckily for us, our church was holding a Valentine's Dance that night.  We hadn't been planning on going, but that night, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get out of the house.

To say that Ellie loves dancing would be an understatement.  It's almost like she can't even help herself.  Music or not, that little girl dances allll day.  The dance was just the perfect excuse for her to shake her little booty on the dance floor.  She just couldn't stop.  Even when she was about to be trampled, she just kept going, totally oblivious to all else except the music and her dancing.  It was the perfect reward at the end of a successful potty-training day.

And I can't say that I minded being able to dance with Tim all night either.  Nope, I didn't mind that one bit. :)

(Let's just not talk about the fact that on vacation two weeks later in California, all potty-training went out the window.)  (Well, almost everything.  Number two is still successful two months later.  I guess I should at least be grateful for that.) (Oh hey, I guess we talked about it.)

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