Monday, July 18, 2011

a glimpse of heaven

As you might have read from the last post, I had the privilege of going through the Mesa LDS Temple on Friday.

It was beautiful.  Stunning.  Inspiring.  Incredible.  Spiritual.

And most of all, it was humbling.

Humbling because I felt so grateful to be able to enter the House of the Lord, as imperfect as I am.  And humbling because I have so much to learn.  It was similar to my college experience: I learned how much I don't know.  And that's absolutely fine with me.

The temple is so peaceful.  So perfect.  So serene.

Everyone there is so kind and helpful.

The Spirit I felt changed me for a lifetime.

I'd always heard the same strange things about the temple that everyone else has heard.  But it honestly was the most perfect thing I have ever witnessed or been a part of.  Nothing to be scared of or nervous about.

My brother, Jeff, was able to go through on the same day as me.  Every time I think about that blessing, it makes me cry a little bit.  My parents drove down for the special occasion.  Two of my best friends were able to come.  Tim's parents were able to attend.  And having Tim there made me cry a little bit, too.  [I may have cried a lot that day.]  The love I felt emanating from all of them made me so grateful for our Heavenly Father's plan for all of us.  That death is not the end.  That life continues beyond the grave and that we can be with our families in heaven.

More than anywhere else I have ever been, the temple gave me a little glimpse of heaven.

Yes, I feel like a lucky, lucky girl.


Brady & Alexes Brown said...

congrats!! That is so exciting! I'm so happy for you!

Kirsten Knight said...

Yay! The temple is by far one of my most favorite places. If I had time to go every day.... I'd be there! :) Congrats!

ashley marie conway said...

I felt the same way. and we were in the Temple on Friday :) at 7:30! I am so happy for you Katie. Married life is the best...and deserve THE BEST. More than anyone i know.