Friday, July 1, 2011

machine model

Today I just wanted to give a little shout out to Machine Model.

Oh...what?  What's that?  You mean you haven't heard of them?

...that's ok.  But seriously, you should check them out.  Go ahead, go listen.

Now lemme tell you a little secret...that lead singer?  Who also plays the rhythm guitar?

Oh yeah, he's also my fiancé.

[A girl can brag sometimes, right?]

And if you're interested, they're probably, most likely, almost completely certainly going to have a show or two in the Phoenix area sometime this month.  And they love fans, let me tell you.  [And a couple of them are still single.  But I didn't tell you that.]

p.s. "She's Letting Me Go" and "As She Moves" are two of my favorites on their site.  But they have some stellar ones that aren't even up yet.

p.p.s. You can thank me later.  [Or now.  Whichever you prefer.]

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